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An American journalist called Amy is captured in Afghanistan and turns into a Sex slave.
An American journalist called Amy Aston has traveled to Afghanistan for some research on the poverty affecting the nation during the war. Amy was traveling in a military Humvee until some Afghan terrorists shot at the Humvee and the U.S soldiers made Amy to come out of the car. "Hide inside that house!", ordered a soldier to Amy. Amy ran to the house and saw what was happening. Amy saw that the Afghan terrorists soldiers outnumbered the U.S soldiers and started win the skirmish. Amy then walked inside the house and saw it was abandoned house. "I must run to the local authority", said Amy to herself. Amy ran through out the town but it was getting dark. So far no sign of a police station or a military station, Amy started to walk alone in the street with no street lights to guide her. Then Amy started to hear footsteps behind her and stopped to let the strangers past. Amy could not see who they were because of the dark and heard they also stopped. Amy then felt hands around her mouth and tried to scream but could not make to much sound because of the hands. Someone also grabbed Amy's arms and took her to a old car and drove her far away.

The Next Day..... Amy woke up and saw her wrist chained together and saw a chain leash attached to her neck. "Come with me", ordered a man in Dari. The man pulled on the leash and took Amy to a big room. "I have a gift master", said the man in Dari. "Good, get her some clothes!", ordered the leader. The group was a small terrorist group called the Mountain Knights and their HQ was somewhere in the mountains where they took Amy. The strangers took Amy to a small room and gave her some blue clothes, "Put them on!", ordered one soldier in Dari while pointing a gun at Amy. They shut the door and locked the door, leaving Amy locked in a small room.
Amy then saw the clothes and didn't like them, "These clothes will make my belly show", said to herself Amy. The door opened and Amy saw other girls came dressed in bra-like clothing and in long see through long pants. The girls grabbed the blue clothes from Amy's hand and started to dress her. They took off every clothes off Amy and left her naked, then took the blue clothes and dressed Amy in those. Amy saw herself in blue bra-like clothing and she only had her pantie on. "What are these?", asked Amy while pointing the bra. "It's a bedlah, it's used for belly dancing", replied a girl. "You speak english?! What's your name?", replied Amy. "My name is Aleah and I Iearned english in school",replied Aleah. "So, why do I have only my pantie on and you have pants?!", asked Amy. "Well, it's the master's decision and these are see through pants OK", replied Aleah. "Come on lets go, we have to take you to the master", said Aleah.
The Master room (same building)... "Here she is master", said Aleah in Dari. "Good teach teach her how to dance", ordered the leader. Aleah took Amy to a room where she saw a big group of girls practicing dancing. Amy even saw girls dancing naked others semi-naked. All the girls looked like to be about 13-25 years old and from this country. "OK, first you move your body like this and then start moving your belly like this. You dance to the rhythm of the music and dance as hard as you can or the master sells you", explained Aleah.

Few weeks past and Amy learned how to belly dance.
"Dance for me girls! Dance!", ordered the Master in Dari. "Amy, come let's dance", said Aleah. Amy, Aleah and the rest of the girls came to The Master Room. "Why is this house in Arabic style and we are in Afghanistan?", asked Amy. "Our master is from Saudi Arabia and moved to Afghanistan to hide here from authorities because he did some sort of crime there.", explained Aleah. "Let's Dance!", said Aleah ready to dance. A small band started to play music and the Harem girls started to move their bodies. Amy moved her body very slowly and angry because she was kidnapped and forced to dance semi-naked infront of strangers and often being raped by strangers. "Amy! What are you doing!", asked furiously the Master. "He said what are doing", translated Aleah for Amy. "I'm dancing", replied Amy. "She said, she is dancing", translated Aleah for the Master. "I don't like the way Amy is dancing!", said the Master in Dari. "Amy, the master said he doesn't like the way you are dancing", translated Aleah. "Guards, take Amy to wash our clothes now!", ordered the Master. One guard took Amy to a different room and started to bring her dirty clothes.
"I have to was them!", said furiously Amy. "Wash them now!", ordered the guard in Dari while pointing at her with a gun. "OK! Any ways I do not understand what you say!", replied Amy. "That's it!", angrily said the guard. The guard pushed Amy to one wall and started to lift Amy's Bedlah and started squish and lick Amy's breasts. "Stop that!", said very angry Amy and pushed the guard and slapped him in the cheek. Then guard reminded Amy to wash the clothes and left the room.
"Crap, this shit is so dirty!", angrily said Amy while washing the clothes. "What's this?!", said Amy while taking something out a pocket. "A gun! Now I can be free by shooting at the guards!", happily said Amy. A guard came to the room to bring Amy more clothes, "Stop right there!", ordered Amy while pointing the gun at the guard. "Now I can be free with my Family and especially with my Children!", happily said Amy. Then more guards came in the room with guns aiming at Amy, "In second thought I'm not free.", sadly said Amy. The guards took Amy to the Master and told him what happened, "For punishment, ready Amy for the pleasure punishment!", ordered the Master in Dari. The guards took Amy to a room and injected a chemical in her arm and made her to fall asleep.

Meanwhile- Washington D.C
"The journalist called Amy Aston is still missing in Afghanistan for a week and no sign of her any where.", explained a Goverment employee. "We must find her and get her back to her family and children", said the Secretary of Defense.
"We are trying any way possible to find her and no luck.", said the Secretary of Defense assistant. "Take some Black Hawks to Afghanistan and find her!", ordered the Secretary of Defense.

Later on at- Richmond, Virginia
"Where could Amy be!", questioned Mike who is Amy's husband. "Mom is at work dad.", replied Allison who is one of Amy's children. "I know mom is at work but I don't know where.", said Mike. "Hey dad, I got a A+ in my Math test!", happily said Mark who is Amy's only son. "Good job.", said Mike paying no interest. The phone rang and Mike rushed to awnser it, "Hello". "Hi, are you Amy's husband?", asked the phone caller. "Yes", replied Mike. "I'm an employee from the Goverment and I'm afraid your wife is lost somewhere in Afghanistan and so far we can not find her.", explained the phone caller. "How can she be lost?!", asked Mike very sadly. "Your wife was going to find some research for the NBC but some terrorists attacked the Humvee she was traveling and captured her.", explained the phone caller. "No, please this can't be happening!", sadly said Mike. "I'm afraid it is.", said the phone caller. "Thank you for the news, goodbye", sadly said Mike and slowly hanged up. "What's the matter dad?", asked Mark. "Please go to your room guys, I'm not in a mood.", ordered Mike to his children. "OK dad.", replied the kids and left to their rooms. Later then Mike started to cry sadly for Amy, the wife he loved.

Later that Day,
Amy woke up and saw herself naked and with a chain collar around her neck and with a leash attached to the collar. "What the heck is going on!", yelled Amy. The master pulled on the leash and said "Want to talk to your country and family, then you must come!". The master took Amy to a room where she saw cameras and the Master sat in a chair and made Amy sat on a mat on the ground next to the Master. The Master then wore a cloth that covered his face but only showed his eyes. "Ready?", asked the camera man in Dari. "Go!", said the Camera man. "People of the United States, we have captured a citizen from your country. If you want her back you must pay us $1,000,999 in exchange and thank you for hearing this message." explained the Master. "It's done!, We are going to upload it on Youtube and in our Website.", said the Camera man. "Also send it to the U.S goverment.", ordered the Master.

The Next night at- Richmond, Virginia
It was 9:30 p.m, Mike was busy watching the news and the kids were already fall asleep. The phone rang again, Mike rushed to reply. "Hello", said Mike. "OK Mike, we received a message from the terrorist group that captured your wife, it is located outside in your mail box. But warning it contains images that are not for children. Thank you bye.", explained the goverment phone caller. Mike rushed to get the package and saw a box and took it to play it on his old fashioned VCR. Mike watched very closley and started to see her wife naked and chained around terrorists. The message was translated in English with words at the bottom of the screen and then the message was over. Mike couldn't believed he saw his wife naked and chained.

The Next Day at Afghanistan,
Amy was again forced to wash again the clothes but now she wasn't naked anymore, but she was wearing a bedlah and a belly dancing pantie. "Work!", ordered a guard who brought more clothes to the room. After the guard left the room, Amy started to wash to clothes as always until she felt something hard in one pocket. Amy grabbed the object and turned out to be money. Amy quickly hide the money inside her Bedlah which the money was hidden between her breasts.
To Be Continued!

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