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CHAPTER 1 - Bette only left a note when she left Tina. What happens when they meet again?
I walk into the bedroom and smile. There she is, my beautiful wife and our two kids. Their black, straight hair is spread over the pillows their heads are resting on, their eyes closed. Today we had a pool party, which tired them out.

My wife, Kaya (KAY ah), is a Japanese beauty. She is a little shorter than I am and has long, black hair. Her eyes are grass green. they can light up a whole room. I simply adore the form of her eyes, it looks so feminine. She is thin and very beautiful. We’ve been married for over 8 years and we have two kids: a daughter, Aika (eye KAH) and a son, Kane. Aika means beloved while Kane means two right hands or a spear. Not very cool, I know but we wanted names that were Japanese and still pronounceable for Americans. That was a real challenge.

Aika is seven and her brother is five.

Kaya carried our two children. Her name means resting place. It doesn’t mean ‘grave’ but really a place where you can rest. Her name is chosen right because for me, she is a resting place.

Our best friends are Alice, Dana and Shane. Alice and Dana are an unmarried couple with one son, Keith who is 6.

Shane is a free bird. She is a true Casanova and fucks every girl that she can… which is 99% of the girls she meets. I do believe she can love someone but just doesn’t allow herself to; she is too scared to get hurt.

Oh, yeah, I’m Tina Kennard. I work at Alpha Ville and I love my job. Next to my family, it’s the most important thing in my life. Film is my passion. I love to see how it develops, the whole process. I think a film is always much better than the written version. Yes, you can read the thoughts of the characters in a book but a movie really lets you see what’s going on.

I am happy. I mean, I am as happy as I can be. I have a wife that loves me and cares for me. I have two beautiful children and I have friends that would do anything for me. I live in a nice house. I have a good job and I have nothing to complain about really. But I lost her. I lost the one woman I’ll always love the most. The love of my life.

Elizabeth Georgia Porter. Bette Porter. We had seven gorgeous years together and then… she disappeared. I woke up one morning and she was gone. We had made love the whole night and then we had fallen asleep in each other’s arms. The only thing I found was a note on her pillow and with that, she was gone.

Dear Tina,
I’m sorry for leaving. I can’t explain why right now but just know that my departure is not your fault. I did this to protect you, to keep you safe. Being with me is dangerous for you at the moment and I love you too much to be selfish and stay with you. All I ever wanted was to spend my life by your side but I don’t think it will be possible. Please, Tee, try to move on. Just never forget me… Keep me in mind and I’ll always be with you, every step of the way. Be happy without me, live your life and know that you will always be the one for me. You will always be on my mind.
Yours forever,

I still have her note, I even took copies for if I ever lost it, I can still read it. I don’t know why she left… at all. The only thing I know that she didn’t return. I waited for two years. My life was a living hell. The only thing I could do was cry and work. That was all I did… I ached for Bette but she was gone.

Then I met Kaya. She worked as cleaning lady at Alpha Ville. She was sweet and didn’t push me into anything. Still, one night, I told her everything. I don’t know why I told her… Actually, I do know why I told her. She was the only one who really talked to me. She didn’t just ask about work, no, she asked me how I was. Why I had been crying. When I said I didn’t want to talk about it, she backed off immediately but every time we saw each other, she asked me and after a while, I just poured everything out. She was stunned and a little shocked. What could have been the reason for Bette’s departure?

After that night of crying on my side and comforting on Kaya’s side, we became inseparable. The first 5 months we were friends, we would go out or eat dinner together… always because Kaya practically dragged me out of the house telling me Bette wouldn’t want me to be alone all the time. We spend time together and then, one night, we kissed. It was a nice, soft, short kiss. Everything a first kiss should be. I didn’t feel that glorious burning sensation in my stomach whenever I kissed Bette but I felt a feeling of… comfort I guess.

That’s what Kaya has always been for me: comfort. I love her, don’t get me wrong. I love her deeply but I will always love Bette more. I know Bee had flaws but gosh, she was so fucking perfect.

The first year I was with Kaya, I think I was in love. Not madly in love but just… in love and then it just turned into love and somehow I sensed I should move on, I should try to live again. Bette wasn’t coming back and she wouldn’t want me to be alone the rest of my days.

2 years later we got married and it was beautiful. Both in white with red dresses and it was a small wedding, just us. Yes, I thought of Bette but I know she wanted me to move on with someone that deserved and loved me. I felt and feel like Kaya is that person.

A year later, we decided to have a baby and Kaya was pregnant after two tries. Then, nine months later, Aika Kennard-Nakano was born. Aika was and still is so beautiful. She has long, black hair and dark green eyes. She has a lighter skin as I do but a darker one than Kaya.
Two years later, we wanted another baby and Kaya gave birth to our son, Kane. Now, he has long hair that stops a few inches above his shoulders while Aika’s hair is a few inches above her butt. He has lighter eyes than his sister and his skin tone is a bit lighter than mine is.
Now, for the first time, I’m carrying our babies. I’m now 7,5 months pregnant of a boy/girl twin; I’m very close to giving birth. We are thinking about calling the boy Jakobe (yah KO beh) and the girl Maiha (MY hah).

I walk over to the bed and I go sit on the edge of the bed while leaning down and giving my wife a kiss on her forehead. She stirs and then slowly opens her eyes.

“Hey.” She says and smiles at me. I smile and give her a kiss on her lips.

“Hey, baby. Will you help me making dinner?” Tina asked.

“Okay.” Kaya answers, still sleepy. She sits up slowly, not to wake the kids and together we walk to our kitchen. ”Everything is okay with you, right?” She asks concerned. She isn’t used to me waking her and asking her for help, especially not with dinner but I thought about Bette and I want to push those memories away by doing something with Kaya.

“I’m fine, honey. I just want to make dinner with you.” Tina smiled.

Kaya gave me a kiss and grinned. “Okay, even though I hate cooking I’ll help you but you’ll have to pay me back tonight.”

I give her a passionate kiss and giggle. “Deal.”
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