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This is a request for where to seek help in defeating my M+M addiction.
This is a true story...

The Guidance Center

2187 N. Vickey Street

Flagstaff, AZ., 86004

Dear Staff Member,

    I am writing to you in hopes of finding direction for some very necessary help.  A "mail order" diagnosis is not something I expect, nor is an instant cure, potion, or remedy.  It's not to say any one of those wouldn't be nice.  Actually, I have no expectations at all, only some desperate hope.

    The problem/challenge/issue I face most likely falls under the guise of Substance Abuse, though not as commonly thought of, imagined, or portrayed.  Please don't laugh or throw this letter away.  Please don't.  For the past twelve years I've been eating at least one 52 ounce bag of M+M's per week, plain or peanut, I don't much care either way; sometimes more, but never less.  I buy them over there at Sam's Club.  That amounts to 7,500 calories per package per week.  Multiplly 7,500 times 52 weeks per year to get 390,000 calories.  Now multply 390,000 times 12 (the number of years I've been doing this) for a total of 4,680,000 calories worth of pure junk (fat and sugar). 

    I habitually run 35 miles per week and, at approximately 150 calories expended per running mile, that would equal 273,000 calories burned per year.  That number leaves an annual excess of 117,000 calories consumed but not used.  The math shows an excess of 1,404,000 calories over the 12 years of my addiction.  My body weight/composition does not, as one might expect it to, reflect that.

    The taste of the chocolate is as much to blame for my lack of control as is the effect of the substance (sugar) on my brain.  Yes, I know that you see more devastating addictions come through the doors of your facility, but, after reading the figures in the paragraph above, you must agree that I have a problem.  No, I can't "just stop" eating the stuff.  I've tried and failed countless times, and that is why I'm sitting here writing this letter to you.

In your opinion, is there any hope for me?  If yes, will you please just point me in the right directon?  Just so you know, I'm male, 58 years old, and I haven't had more than an occassional glass of wine in over 25 years.  Smoking is something I tried to learn how to do back in high school but just never could get the hang of.  I've never used illicit drugs of any kind.  This thing with M+M's is a monkey on my back that I just can't shake.  I don't know where else to turn.  My friends laugh at me as though it were some sort of joke.  Instead of trying to help me they give me a package of M+M's and sit back to watch the show as I proceed to become hyper, chatty, and just plain goofy.  The goofy part if what they most look forward to.

    Fifteen years ago I was clinically diagnosed  as being OCD.  I sometimes wonder if that condition might have anything to do with the M+M problem.  Once again I assure you I'm not looking for a diagnosis through the mail, just a shred of hope from someone who isn't leading me on.  Thank you for taking the time to read this and for considering my plight.  I look forward to hearing a promising word.

Sincerely, embarrassadely, and piggishly out of control,

Allen James
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