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Psychology, media, chemistry, and technology all very powerful forces
Why? That's all I ask. All my prayers are being used against me. A particular media outlet had a story where a “Frederick” gave up his wife for a younger wife which started out just by “Looking” at her. Of course this is exactly what I didn't want to be publicized and the exact opposite of what I prayed for. I essentially prayed that women would not think I'm bad just because I look at other beautiful women.

This is Hells Angels at their worst. I can’t believe it. I had football support the whole time. I was doing just fine… Until… A political and spiritual attack decimated their support of me. How could I lose another sponsor so quickly? Not only was the political target acquired but the weaknesses in matching values between both parties determined, and a plan eliciting the opposing value hatched.

They knew exactly what situation to put me in. They knew what my buttons were and they used the internet to help push them. They had their next planned move already in place. One of the tricks they used was to instill the conscience with the fear that serving would lead to being hung. How can psychologists do this? They have their ways... Let me explain:

One of the pieces of the information received from a client web browser is what's called an IP address. This ip address can be used to show specific information to a particular client. This ip address is specific to the internet connection or broadband connection to that particular house. If there are 2 connections such as DSL and Cable both will have a specific IP address. So this ip address can be used to show information like "Server-Hangup" a very irregular (or new) server error and this is what happened. The type of message that clearly elicits visions and memories of someone like DeGuzman.

To gain this ip address the client needs to request information from a server. In this particular case a preparation email sent out directed users to visiting a site for early paperwork. The ip address is obtained from this server and transmitted to the server that displays the "Server-Hangup". To show that there was definitely a cover-up for this the website (which at this point remains nameless) posted an article about Ghadafi speaking out. The implications of this are that somone who lost and is the bad guy spoke out.

I can’t battle this spy situation. I’m totally compromised. I can’t help it. I think someone internal even gave them my iPhone lock number. It was unlocked when I got back from the people who had it after I lost it even though I had locked it with the MobileMe website.

The plan came to fruition the next day. At the event someone s
pilled coffee next to my backpack (they probably tried to spill it on my backpack, I just moved it before they spilled it). Next I get napkins to clean it up and someone starts laughing when I clean it up. This makes me a little angry but I don’t necessarily want to do anything because of just that. So things are still peaceful with me. However, next thing I know the speaker starts staring at the guy who spilled the coffee because he is looking at his phone and not paying attention to the speaker. So I get angry and want to kick his chair for not cleaning up the mess in the first place which someone laughed at me for, and then want to kick the chair for him not listening. One more thing to mention was that drinking the coffee may have put me in a situation where I was much more easily angered. (It could have been the air too.) So I kicked… just a little kick. It didn't help much. He didn't go back to listening to the speaker. He just kept on watching his phone. I didn’t kick again of course.

Well, that night there was massive media attack: They put a domestic violence girl in all the media and get all of this sympathy for one side of the party. Massive amounts of sympathy for this woman instead of what happened to the guy to elicit this action in the first place. I know, I know, there's no excuse for physical violence. But why are the men violent in the first place? Where's the other side of the story?

Unfortunately, now it seems my name is synonymous with domestic violence. Not stopping it… creating it. It’s like working for that domestic violence non-profit made things worse for me even though I put my heart into it. I gave them everything. I can’t find a job now. Guess who got all of the credit for the succesful merger of the domestic violence non-profit with the new company... The psychologists. The Chief Operating Officer had great public displays of gratitude for just the psychologists, but none for me. After spending the talent of a Master's student (almost doctoral student based on the number of years at the university), no recognition at all. Yes, even after all of the pain and the blood clot.

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