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My feelings on the relationship between a boy and his grandmother.
          A Special Grandson

Being with Christian warms my very soul.

He brings a special joy to each event.

He allows me to laugh out loud with glee

And through it all is unaware of his gift.

We ramble on about nothing special

Each of us listening each of us sharing.

My desire is to be his safe place

His desire is just to be special.

Relentlessly I try to teach him

It's usually me who ends up leaning.

He shares his childhood with one who cares.

He brightens every day just being him.

The things we do together are endless

Never at a loss for a new adventure

Just a grandmother who loves being

With this precocious enchanting young man.

Christian is his name and he wears it well.

A young man with a beautiful soul

A spirit forever growing in a world

That will one day recognize him as I do.

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