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This is a poem about hand-me-down blue jeans...at age 31.
Everyone remembers Christmas growing up -
The presents, Santa and his strange resemblance to Dad,
And, of course, the disappointment of getting a sweater
Or other clothing from Grandma or your less-than-favorite aunt.

But as we age, a mysterious thing happens...
We get crap for Christmas - high tech stuff that we do not need,
And we pray that someone will get us that sweater
Or those jeans that are over-priced and over-rated.

It is almost Thanksgiving.  My older brother is supposed
To visit from Arizona in January this year.  Have not seen
Him in a decade, barely know him, and am not sure how
To act, but one thing that will smooth this occurred yesterday.

New hand-me-down blue jeans, Arizona brand.
I did not care that I weighed 200 pounds
In those blue jeans, because they were comfy,
Pre-shrunk many times, and fit perfectly.

Relaxed fit, so I did not have that stricture point
At my upper thigh or my waist.
All I had was room to move, room to sit,
And a good-looking husky self in the mirror.

My older brother, who recently lost weight,
Sent them to my parents, wondering if my younger
Brother could wear them.  Well, no, because he
Is thinner than my older brother.  But I, on the other hand...

I will lose weight.  While in the process, though, I need
Pants that fit, pants I can move in, pants that I can wear.
These 40 x 32 blue jeans had shrunk to a comfortable 38 x 31.
So I have to roll them up...small price to pay for free comfy jeans!

But seriously, I am trying to lose weight.  When my mother said
What size they were, I automatically refused to try them on.
"I am not that fat," I believe the statement was...and my husband looked
At me with that gentle gaze, telling me with his eyes to try them on.

As I have mentioned, they were no longer that tag size in reality,
But instead a pleasant relaxed-fit wonder that made me look good.
So, to people who knock hand-me-downs, please think about this
Rationally - they are pre-shrunk, they are broken in, and they are FREE!!!!
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