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Just talking about existence...
What is existence? How can something come from nothing? I study Alchemy, yet I am unsuccessful in my work. I cannot give away too many details, for I will most likely be labeled as insane.

We can't ignore this pathetic life cycle. We live, we populate, we die and get replaced by a new generation. It's like we are forgotten forever.

The Egyptians once believed that if you were remembered, you would live in the afterlife. If you were a criminal, the king would tell everyone to forget you, and you would "die" a second time, never to return. I've been working on a machine that could "possibly" make you forget... or remember...

It's still a blueprint. I haven't started making it yet. Consciousness is such a strange thing. We can't detect it with machinery. I do not think that the brain is really controlling our bodies, it's the "mind." We are energy beings. Our bodies are mere shells. When we die, we move on to a higher plane of existence. There IS a God, yet he is unreachable because we haven't been doing what he's been telling us to do. In many parts of the Bible, he talks about "faith." There have been theories on something called the "Law of Attraction," but that's a load of bullshit. Your thoughts don't make things materialize into this universe. You don't think about it. You DO it. You just...do it. Don't imagine. Don't believe. Just...do.

I think that we can do great things, but we are too focused on war and all that shit. Do you know how long I've been waiting for that damn war to end?

I was very young when the twin towers were hit. My mother drove to school to pick me up early and to take me to church. We were to pray for the survivors and the people in the building. I asked my mother, "Mama? What's going on?"
She said to me, "Bad people are trying to hurt us, and we need to pray to God to protect us."

...Of course, now I think that was a rather silly idea. We don't take action, because we're too paralyzed by fear. Why don't we do something about it?

Answer: We simply don't care. We say that we do, but in reality, we don't. Get that through your thick skulls and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

I'm sorry for posting this, but it needed to be said. I will now go back to writing my chapters on "The Undead States of America."

Ink Wizard~
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