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stories for Reeling in the Readers class from my everyday life
EVERYDAY EXPERIENCES: 3 stories from my everyday life!

My middle cat Calvin is a huge Maine Coon look-alike who doesn’t believe that he has grown up; he is six years old but thinks he can still fit in small cozy spaces like any good kitten can! His favorite current nap zone is on top of our window air-conditioner, but he has been too big for that small narrow space for about 5 years. He can actually barely fit on the space cuddled up against the cold glass of the window, but immediately gets into trouble when he falls asleep and subsequently loses his balance while chasing an illusory fake mouse! He makes an atrocious noise. No amount of coaxing or showing other, more comfortable beds persuades him to relocate his naps to a safer and quieter place!


As an only child, I was amazed this year to find out that we were expecting 20 people for Christmas dinner!! I now live with my husband of 23 years AND his large extended family. The family Christmas has been held at a location with steps, so I have not been able to attend for the 3 years we have lived here, but this year, the dinner was held at the home we live in! I am not accustomed to that scale of Christmas! We had roast beef and ham instead of turkey, another change! My husband was in charge of cooking the roasts. He cooked 3, in a slow cooker that is larger than some bathtubs!! I am still in shock!



I was privileged to spend a glorious day in the sunlight! I don’t get outside much due to being a wheelchair driver, so this was a unique treat. The deck that was built at our house has a small sitting area, and the weather was un-January like, in the 60’s. I am originally from the Midwest, and these warm Southern winter days still amaze me! So, two weeks ago today, I was able to spend my Saturday afternoon on the deck, sipping my coffee and watching the world. It was glorious! The memory of it makes me want to make it happen again! I think I even got sunburned!

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