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This is a piece describing what I thought I wanted to know, but didn't.
I am a graduate student in psychology.  I am currently trying to figure out what I want to choose as a thesis topic.  I was sitting in a coffee shop formulating an idea when a good friend of mine, known to me for her honesty, walked in and sat down.  Aha!  I could run it by her and have her tell me what she thinks.  I thought I wanted to know the truth...  Be careful what you ask for.

This best friend of mine gave me her honest opinion of my idea.  Among her points were that it was not relevant, it would not improve anything, and that it was a minor, if not trivial, idea.  Then she told me that she felt bad because she did not want to crush my ideas.  What do I say to that?!  I told her not to feel bad because I asked her for her honest opinion knowing that she would tell me the truth.  That was all I could say about it.

Do I feel crushed?  Yes.  Do I still believe in my idea?  Yes.  Am I afraid to share it with anyone else?  Definitely.  I do appreciate her honesty, though, because it gives me a taste of the opposition I could run into regarding this particular idea in the future.  I have to distill it into a defensible research question with a literature foundation, a hypothesis, a purpose, and data.  I do first have to get the idea approved, though.  I am not sure what order such things are done in.  After all, this is my first time through grad school and my first attempt at a thesis.  How do people do this?  All kinds of people with master's degrees and doctorate degrees are running around in the world.  Why do I feel like I have been hung out to dry?
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