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Phoenix contemplates getting a guitar and learning to play...
Phoenix had had several dreams about it over the past few nights.  He awoke thinking they were real, in fact.  What was it that was bringing such a thing up?  Perhaps he did need a new hobby.  The dreams about the guitar playing were just a nudge from his subconscious telling him what he needed to do.  Phoenix got up and went to the computer to price guitars.  It was 0300 in the morning.  He wanted an acoustic and had told his spouse the night before that he wanted to learn to play the guitar.  "Why don't you?" his spouse asked.  Phoenix replied that it was because he did not have one.  "Well there are plenty of them around."  True, Phoenix thought, but what was a fair price for one of these instruments.  That was what he sought to find out on the internet.

Looking first at Amazon.com, Phoenix discovered that there were some very cheap starter packages available.  Cheap did not always mean bad, but it did not always mean good, either.  After browsing there for a while, he looked up a guitar sales site that dealt specifically in new and used guitars.  They had a good selection of six-string acoustics and he found a used one that he liked.  Creating an account, he was able to add it and save it to his cart.  There were some accessories he would need, too.  He would need a case for it, but could not decide if he needed a hard case or a gig bag.  A hard case would probably be better.  He would need a pitch pipe or an electronic tuner, whichever was cheaper, he decided.  Phoenix had a very good ear for music.  He could play just about any song by ear on almost any instrument.  The guitar was not one he had attempted yet, and it seemed like a good challenge.  A fingering chart would, of course, be in the mix of accessories that he would need, as well as extra steel strings.  Music would be a nice addition as he began learning, too.  After all, you can play chords on a guitar, whereas with many other instruments, you can only play a single note at a time.  The process of looking excited Phoenix.  He definitely wanted to take on the guitar as a new hobby and a challenge, no matter how good or bad he ended up being at it.  It was time for a new hobby.

Unfortunately, new hobbies require start-up expenses.  This guitar project might not be cheap.  Phoenix was looking at around $200 if he kept his purchases at a minimum for quality components that were absolutely necessary.  He wanted to look around town to see if he could find any comparable deals.  He kind of doubted that local prices could be the internet deals, but he wanted to find out.  Besides that, he did not want to wait for a week or more for his new guitar!  Impatience and curiosity both played a hand in Phoenix's decision to look locally before buying from the internet.  Another concern that Phoenix had was that his guitar would get roughed-up in the shipping process, as so many of his purchases over the internet did.  The last thing he wanted was to wait expectantly for a week and a half for a new guitar only to find that it got broken, mashed, or otherwise mutilated during the shipping and/or delivery process.  The delivery process was the more hazardous of the two for items destined for Phoenix's house.  For some reason, the delivery people were not what Phoenix could refer to as "careful" with his packages.  Sometimes they had arrived looking like they had been shoved under the palette to prop up a corner in the rain and muck.  That is not an exaggeration, either.  One box showed up looking like an accordian, literally, and it contained expensive art supplies.  So, on this fine snowy Sunday, Phoenix's main mission was to seek out acoustic guitar deals.  He hoped that he could find something suitable.  Hope for a day.  A rare, but necessary thing for Phoenix.
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