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Phoenix decides to upgrade his PC...with a MacBook Air.
Phoenix looked carefully at his options.  He was quite satisfied with his current set-up as far as his computer went.  He had a 17" laptop hooked up to a 37" screen, a wireless keyboard, a wireless mouse, a laserjet printer, and the internet.  It performed well and did everything he needed it to do.  He had all kinds of software installed on it for photo processing, audio and sheet music downloads, topographic map making, amateur radio programming, and a variety of other things.  He was not dissatisfied with these circumstances at all.  He did, however, want to try a Mac computer of some sort and had for quite some time.  He had heard that they were good.  People who owned them raved about their capabilities, capacities, speeds, and ease of use.  Phoenix decided to check into what a Mac laptop would be like.

The first thing Phoenix noticed about the MacBooks, as they were called, was the price.  For the price of a small MacBook, Phoenix could get the top-of-the-line PC twice over.  He pursued his goal of finding out more about these mysterious machines, despite the obvious blow to his pocketbook it would be.  He was truly interested in finding out what made these so much "better" than their standard and widely-owned PC counterparts.  The specifications were the next thing that Phoenix looked at.  He looked at both the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air.  All he would be able to afford was a 13.3".  Weighing in at $1499.99 and 2.96 pounds for the 13.3" MacBook Air, it had 256GB of flash memory storage, 4GB of RAM, a 1.7GHz Intel i5 dual core processor, a multi-directional trackpad, a full-size backlit keyboard, and dimensions of 12.8" x 8.94" x 0.68".  Phoenix was not as impressed as he could have been with the machine's specs, but he also considered the dimensions he was looking at and the purpose for which it was designed.  It was designed for speed, portability, and the internet.  Would it very effectively cover those angles?  Yes, it would indeed.  It would also cover the angle of Mac experience for Phoenix, which was what he was really looking for.  He figured out that, in order to get the same set-up in Mac that he had in his PC, it would cost $2001.84.  Now he had to decide whether or not the experience was worth it.

Phoenix thought long and hard about the possibilities.  He might really love the Mac over the PC.  What if he hated it, though?  Shelling out $2000 for something you are going to hate is an awful price to pay for the experience of hating it!  The only way Phoenix was going to find out whether or not he liked working with Mac computers was to try one out, though.  The college had some Macs and some PCs both.  Phoenix had been interested in Macs ever since he noticed that most of his professors worked with Mac computers instead of PCs, and his graduate school professors were no exception to this rule.  The professors, in fact, gave the most rave reviews of anyone on the Mac.  They, of all people, had to be concerned about functionality, compatibility, and internet posting capabilities.

Phoenix got all of the components and the laptop loaded into his online cart and contemplated pushing the "Submit" button for a long time.  Was he ready to do this?  Was he ready to commit to a Mac and learning to use it?  Was he willing to buy the software for the Mac that he would require to satisfy his computer needs?  He always had his PC to fall back on.  That was the safety net.  Phoenix pushed the button and submitted his order.  His new MacBook Air would be there within a few days.  The accessories he ordered would be there at various times, but they would also be there very soon.  That would give Phoenix time to play with and figure out something about his new computer before he got his entire set-up going, anyway.  He was happy with his decision.  He had made the leap and ordered a Mac.  Now he would find out what he truly preferred in terms of computers and would have the experience to work with both Macs and PCs.  That in itself would be a valuable skill.  Was it worth it?  So far, Phoenix thought so.
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