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Phoenix finds out more about his soon-to-be new computer...
Phoenix was excited about the MacBook Air that he had ordered.  His spouse had to go to the hardware store, so Phoenix went to the electronics store in the meantime.  They happened to have an 11" MacBook Air.  Phoenix had ordered the 13.3", but playing with the 11" version would not be a disappointment.  Phoenix played with the applications, the multi-function touchpad, the features...everything until his spouse called him telling him that he was getting left behind if he did not come out so they could go get some lunch.  Phoenix now knew he had made the right decision ordering that MacBook Air.  When his spouse and he returned home from being out and about, Phoenix found a box between the door and the screen door.  It was his superdrive for his MacBook.  That would allow him to load and play CDs and DVDs on his new MacBook Air when it arrived.  Now that he had that, he could order a crucial suite of software.

Phoenix went online and decided to order the disc copy of the software he needed instead of relying on a download when his MacBook got there.  He found the software easily.  Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Home and Business.  It had Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, and was good for installation on one computer.  It was not, of course, cheap, but it would make Phoenix's new machine functional for everything he could possibly need or want it for.  The software would arrive the same day that his MacBook Air would - the day after tomorrow.  Phoenix could not wait.  He hoped it would be everything he thought it would be and more.  He had gone online and looked up tutorials on how to use the MacBook Air.  The components would be there roughly the same time that his machine arrived, but he did not need anything beyond the computer, his superdrive, and that software to get a good start on his new experience.

Phoenix's friend had a different opinion of what Phoenix should do, so he did not tell her that he had ordered the Mac already.  He had not told his spouse, either.  In fact, he had not told anyone.  That was okay with him.  No one needed to know he had ordered it until he unveiled it, fully functional and ready to rock and roll as a complete entity.  Phoenix listened as his friend told him that he should get a desktop, and not only that, but a Dell.  Phoenix had had bad experiences with Dell and wanted to experience a different operating system, thus the idea of using Mac's OS X Lion operating system.  Phoenix knew he should have sprung for more hard drive memory and more RAM, but he just did not think that he needed all of that, especially at the prices that he was seeing them advertised for.  What Phoenix had purchased was simple, portable, and exactly what he wanted to start out with.  Sure, he could have gotten a MacBook Pro or a bigger MacBook Air, or even a Mac desktop, but that was not what he wanted.  Phoenix was doing this for him and not for everybody else.  They could think he was stupid if they wanted to, but he knew what he wanted and he went for it.  If those around him could not handle that, then they would just have to be dissatisfied with him.  Phoenix, however, would be enjoying his new MacBook Air and ignoring the criticisms.

The next day, Phoenix looked at the bookstore for a magazine he had seen at a different bookstore a few days before.  He would have bought the first one he saw, but it was in really rough shape, and for the price they were asking for it, he decided he would look elsewhere for a cleaner copy before going back to that one as a last resort.  He found the magazine.  It was a beginner's guide to Macs and it had everything he needed to know to start out with in it.  After buying that magazine, he went out to his parents' house for the afternoon to help them with a few projects.  The projects turned out okay and once Phoenix got back home, he got online to look for the software he had learned about in the magazine.  He wanted an internet security program for his new computer.  People had mixed feelings about putting internet security programs on Macs because one camp says you need one and the other camp insists that you do not.  Phoenix wanted to be safe.  He would be transferring many files and exploring the online world with his new machine.  That was enough to warrant the software and added protection in Phoenix's mind.  He went to the online Mac store and found a good security program with good reviews that would be compatible with his new computer's operating system.  While online, Phoenix also found an interesting and very tempting piece of hardware (complete with software) that would allow him to expand into the world of graphic novels on his computer.  It was extremely tempting, but also, as you can imagine, expensive.  Phoenix put it in his cart and saved it for later.  He needed time to think about what he wanted out of this new gem of machine.
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