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Phoenix thinks about the symbolism of his guitar and all that it means to him...
Phoenix could not decide what to do.  He had several things on his list that he needed to do, but what he really needed was a true break.  He had been taking a break, but should not have been because all of this stuff had piled up and now needed done on the immediate order.  Stressed, as usual, he stood in the middle of the living room uncertain of his next move.  He needed to plug his computer in.  He needed to print off his answers for psychotherapy class.  He needed to schedule a participant for the MCMI-III.  He needed to meet with the case manager.  He needed to eat something.  He needed to read about narrative therapy for psychotherapy class.  He needed to make sure his MMPI-2 report was done for assessment class.  He needed to...he needed to...  Phoenix stopped himself.  He was overwhelmed.  What he really needed to do was play his guitar.  That would clear his mind and help him organize himself in a relaxed way so that he could get all of this other stuff done.

That guitar was symbolic of something.  What was it?  It was a new beginning.  It was a fresh start.  It was something he could learn.  It was something he could do by himself or with others.  It was something he could share with his dad.  That guitar symbolized life for Phoenix - a vitality that could not be taken from him and that could be shared with others through his talent of music.  Life.  That is what that guitar was.  That may seem silly to others, he thought, but they did not have the history that Phoenix did.  They did not have the PTSD and the Depression to deal with every single moment of every day of their lives.  They could not understand, and Phoenix would not attempt to make them.  If they wanted to know more, Phoenix would explain more, but for the masses, it was not worth the effort.

Phoenix met with the case manager and then called the clinic to change an appointment.  It was fortunate for Phoenix that he had called about that particular appointment, because he found out that five of his appointments had been cancelled without his knowledge, permission, or consultation.  Phoenix was angry, but dealt with the apologetic scheduler kindly.  It was not her fault, but this was truly unacceptable.  The scheduler told Phoenix that she would notify the head scheduler of the situation as soon as she came in next.  Phoenix was also told that they were losing a long-time practitioner in the medical department, so everyone was upset and stressed out.  Phoenix was shocked at the news.  Evidently, this practitioner was moving to Florida to a new job and would leave a huge void, as she had worked at the clinic for 20 years.  The scheduler commented that there were a lot of unhappy and upset patients.  They got Phoenix scheduled for his weekly appointments again before he got off the phone with the scheduler, which was a relief.  Phoenix went home and played his guitar...
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