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Phoenix treasures a good photo of him and his guitar...
Phoenix thought about it long and hard.  His printer was a black and white laser jet, so the print would come out in shades of grey.  Not only that, but he did not have a "photo" per se, but instead an image of the photo inserted into a Word document that covered a half page.  The dimensions were all wrong for photo paper, and he could not print it in color, which was a pity because it was a beautiful photo color-wise, and a good photo of Phoenix, which was hard to get.  Phoenix decided to print it anyway.  Despite all of the things that were less than ideal about the situation, a photo of him playing his guitar to carry around with him for his own sake was the goal and would be beneficial to him.  He hit the shortcut keys to print, and printed two copies.  One was for him.  The other was for an Easter card for his doctor.  Phoenix hoped that his doctor would like it.  For his own copy of the photo, though, Phoenix decided he needed to protect it somehow.  He got out his clear packaging tape and his razor blade.  Very carefully, he covered the entire photo neatly with the clear tape, creating a more damage-resistant copy of his photo to carry around with him.  Next, he made the other print into a card for his doctor.  It was a sharp-looking card.  He would be able to give it to his doctor next week.  That is, unless the clinic did something bizarre and cancelled his appointment.  Phoenix did not want to think about that.  He would have his appointment next week.

Where should Phoenix carry his photo, exactly?  He had not thought about that.  In his pocket?  No.  There were enough things in his pockets.  He could fit one more thing, though.  One more thing that would make him happy was worth fitting into his pocket somehow.  He folded it so that it would fit in his wallet clip.  Perfect.  Now, when he was stressed, he could look at two photos:  one of his doctor and one of his guitar and him.  Phoenix felt better already.
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