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Davey Hertz, 6, watching the newsreport that made the next few days a misery
And there was uproar today when John Hertz, the 'loud mouth' of the great government, brought his six year old son into Speaker's Square. Richard, why the big deal?

Well, this has actually been the first public outing for the young Hertz in a long time, and what an outing it was. Mr Hertz came here to settle an ongoing disagreement with his German equal. When the German man came, young Daveu ran from the square for reasons no one is actually sure of.

It weren't my fault, Daddy. It's not my fault. It was your fault. You said you'd come after me.

Davey was found a good three hours or so later, in a state that isn't really suitable to describe. The police have found no evidence for such a bruital attack, but Mr Hertz has expressed his views quite clearly, as always, that the attempts on his son's life was nothing to do with his meeting with Mr Von Gloon.

Please don't see the report. Please don't see the report. They're lying. They think you're tge bad one but you're not. You love me.

Of course, there is the ironic condition of the boy, isn't there Richard?

No! It had nothing to do with that! Don't speak about it! You'll make him angry. Please, Daddy, don't get angry. Please don't get angry.

Yes, really it's quite funny. John Hertz is known for his violent and loud nature. Everyone knows that if you want to hear a secret you turn to John Hertz. But there is no chance of that happening with his son, is there?

It's i-i-irrelicant! You don't need to say it! Why are you going to say it? Why do you want Daddy angry? Why are you all so meanie at him?

No, because his son was actually born without a voicebox, meaning he can't even make a sound.

It's funny, you'll say.

It's funny, really...

The great mouth son.

...the great mouth's son...

Without a voice.

...without a voice.

Shut up! Just shut up, ok? It's not funny. Why do you have to talk about it? If I could talk and you couldn't, I wouldn't talk about it. I wouldn't make your Daddy angry.

When asked to comment on his son's condition, Mr Hertz said that it was 'nothing to worry about'. Davey has now left hospital and is resting at home.

"Davey? Davey, are you in here?"

Daddy, it weren't my fault!

"Oh, here you are. Watching yourself, are you?"

Daddy no! I already hurt. I want to speak, Daddy, I do! Please don't try and make me. I already hurt.

"Come on, Davey. Let's see if we can't fix this."

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1862265