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Phoenix has an odd experience and discusses it with his psychiatrist...
Phoenix had felt odd the night before, and had really bad nightmares all night.  He took his pills in the morning, again feeling that something was wrong, but tried to go about his day despite his feelings.  He could only stay awake for a half an hour and then had to go back to bed.  Waking at 1000, he had to meet the case manager at 1030.  That visit went fine.  Phoenix thought that maybe he was just having an off day and that it was finally straightening out for him.  His friend texted him shortly after he had gotten done with the case manager and invited him to coffee, since only two of her three finals were that day and they were both done.  Where did she want to meet?  The Hardback Cafe was the destination.  When Phoenix arrived, he stepped out of his truck and the trouble began.

Phoenix was having trouble breathing, so he reached for his inhaler, still standing between his truck door and the truck.  He took the first puff of his inhaler and all of a sudden, heard music in his head and had no sensation for any part of his body but his left leg, which was doing a rhythmic jerking motion.  A fuzzy flashback came to Phoenix, but he was still only aware of his left leg jerking uncontrollably and being unable to stand on it.  This lasted for about ten minutes.  Phoenix, when he came around to full consciousness again, discovered that he had dropped his inhaler cap and was leaning over the seat of his truck.  His left leg was now weak, but no longer jerking.  Something had short-circuited in Phoenix's brain.  He did not know where he was and was confused about the event.  He decided to walk into the coffee shop.  On the way, he recognized his friend's car.  He found her inside and they ordered something to drink.  Phoenix could not even remember that he had ordered anything by the time he got back to the table they were sitting at.  She knew something was wrong.  Phoenix told her what had happened, to his knowledge, and she told him to call his doctor right away.  Phoenix got out his cell phone, but could not remember how to make a phone call with it.  His friend dialed the number for him and handed it back to him.  He spoke with his doctor's secretary, who passed him to the nurse, who said that she would talk to his doctor for him and call him back.  Phoenix hung up and looked at the table.  There had magically appeared two drinks, one of which was evidently his.  His friend had to prepare it for him because he could not figure out what to do with it or that he had even ordered a drink.  The nurse called back shortly thereafter and told him that he needed to come in and see one of the doctors.  His own doctor could not fit him in, but the doctor on emergency could.  Phoenix knew all three doctors there and was okay with seeing one of the others for this particular emergency.  HIs friend drove him over to the clinic.

As they waited in the clinic together, Phoenix and his friend talked about music.  His friend wanted to keep him talking because Phoenix was, admittedly, barely holding on to reality.  The secretary told Phoenix that it would be about a half an hour before the other doctor could see him.  Phoenix and his friend talked the whole time.  Phoenix tried explaining the guitar music to her.  She was lost, but allowed him to continue and kept asking questions to keep him talking while they waited.  After about 40 minutes, Phoenix's own doctor came out and called for him.  Phoenix was surprised and thankful that he got to see his own doctor.  He went back with him and told him what had happened.  His doctor told Phoenix that it was either an anxiety attack or what they call a complex partial seizure - a seizure in which the person does not necessarily have to lose consciousness and the seizure only affects one part of the brain, thus only the left leg in Phoenix's case.  His doctor told Phoenix it would be a good idea to get checked out by a neurologist, but that they treat both problems the same way...with anti-seizure medication, which Phoenix was already on a small dose of.  His doctor doubled the dosage and then encouraged Phoenix to talk about the combat incident that he had just told him about in a letter when he got out of the hospital a few days before.  Phoenix was reluctant because he did not want to keep his doctor longer than he had to due to his busy schedule and fitting him in past the end of his workday.  His doctor began asking questions about it, so Phoenix began relating to his doctor the memories...
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