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Lady G's winning bid in Save My Membership2.

Library opens at 9:00 a.m.
Ah it 'tis but 7:30 in the morn.
Drats and frats it's but a sham.
You see the beginning of this acrositc is light hearted; LADY G,

Go ahead and share another tale,
Yes anew pen a story to regale.
Present the heart upon the page.
Serve up the character, all in a rage.
Yike's that's a lot of Y's don't you see; Lady Gypsy.

Barefoot in the sand, the world comes into view.
Awareness that there are more things to do.
Racing hither and yon, caught up in the busy time of day.
Ease up for a moment, smell a rose boquet.
Feel the calm return and the heart beating normal.
Open to the urge, the drive, the sense so primeval.
Okay now the pen is in hand, the page is empty,
Take a deep breath and let the words flow with such poetry.

Lady Gypsy, barefoot in the early morning, focused on the matters at hand.  In the midst of it all remember to take the time to connect with the writer within and in so doing the fun is sure to reign through the rest of the day. 
Serving Him by serving you,
Copenator out!
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Lady Gypsy Barefoot
by Steve Cope
Your handle an Acrostic
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