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I challenged myself to write a sugary romance using just 8 limericks. This is the result

I first met my girl in the park

She thought it was only a lark

But I turned on my charms

and opened my arms

And we cuddled until it was dark

She’s sexy and funny and smart

With looks that could break a man’s heart

The love bug had bitten

I was totally smitten

I hoped this was only the start.

I stole my first kiss in the car

She said, “I can see that you are

getting very excited,

you’ve not been invited,

so don’t try to take this too far.”

We broke up with anger and tears

Confirming the worst of my fears

I’d been moving too fast

It just couldn’t last,

but I want to be with her for years

“I don’t want to lose my sweet Jill.

I'll go much more slowly, I will."

“I missed you,” she said

“Just take me to bed,

don’t worry, I’m now on the pill.”

We moved in together in May

I’ll always remember that day

As cooking and cleaning

for me had no meaning,

dear Jill had to show me the way.

I proposed to my sweetheart in June

She said, “Well, let’s make it real soon.”

It was so hard to wait

‘til we both set the date

And then I was over the moon.

Our wedding day dawned fine and clear

Unusual for that time of year.

When he said, “Kiss the bride,”

I was trembling inside

But our families all started to cheer.

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