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A cow displays more than a lilttle bovine angst at the world surrounding her pasture.
Write a POEM about cows.

These could be cows in outer space, cows at the farm, cows at a nearby dairy, cows at a petting zoo . . .

Zombie cows, speckled cows, chocolate milk cows, or the regular kind

that chew their cud and swat flies with their tails.

Oh, Bother--
A Good Doze
32 lines

Here comes another one--
a fly into
my breathing space.
It's not enough that I have to
standing out
in this dusty pasture
listening to fast cars on the road
and noisy bugs in the air. .
My air is filled with them all,..
too many to swish away
or even wish away.
The direction of the flies
is about as consistent
as the cars on the highway
--they seem to start out all right,
but then forget
where they mean to go.
Where they're headed.
The young flies are the worst. No direction.
Sort of like the young cars I watch pass by.
Always in too much of a hurry.
I'd like to swish them away too--flies and cars
and whatever interrupts
my daily doze.
Oh, bother.
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