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Phoenix is in search of ways to exercise despite his ankle injury and finds a deal...
Phoenix did not know what to do.  He needed to get back into shape and diet alone was not doing it.  Not by any means.  He needed physical activity, but his ankle injury from the military prevented him from doing many things.  Now, with the seizure question up in the air, he could no longer swim.  Swimming had been his favorite activity and it was easier on his ankle than most of the bone-jarring sports he would otherwise have to engage in.  The twisting and turning were what he had to be especially careful about.  His ankle would roll so badly that he could not walk, and it would roll so easily that he had to be careful in his normal walking and getting in and out of vehicles, etc.

Phoenix had joined a gym about three weeks prior to rolling it this last time.  He was playing racquetball when he did it.  His mother had suggested high-tops of some sort to help support his ankle in addition to the brace that he wore all the time.  Wresting shoes were a possibility.  So were basketball shoes.  His mother offered to come into the city and help him shop around for some better shoes the next week.  Phoenix did a little bit of research beforehand and discovered, to his dismay, that none of the sports stores had wrestling shoes in stock because it just was not the right time of year.  Phoenix looked online next, and saw the prices.  There was no way he could afford a pair of wrestling shoes, especially if they did not work for him, which was a taking a major risk because he could not even try a pair on without ordering them. 

Phoenix, frustrated, walked around to the clearance shoe section of one of the sports stores.  Nothing that would support his ankle was on the racks.  As he was walking back through the shoe sections, he found an incredible deal.  Nike basketball shoes, two for the price of one, at $39.98 per pair.  He could not believe his eyes.  He thought, though, that there was no way that they would have his size.  Not only did they have one pair in his size, but they had two.  He could not try on the right shoe to see if it would fit over his brace, but at that price, he could give them to one of the charity stores if they did not work for some reason.  He quickly, almost running, took both pairs to the checkout counter.  As he stood in line, he thought that something must go wrong with the transaction.  There was no way that this too-good-to-be-true deal could go smoothly or be as good as it appeared to be.  To his amazement, Phoenix heard the cashier announce that he owed only $39.98.  Phoenix swiped his credit card and sped home to try his new shoes on.

When Phoenix got home, his spouse was not in the apartment.  Good.  He would not receive any static yet about buying more shoes.  Phoenix had a hard time finding shoes, and therefore had a lot of them, each for a different purpose.  These were definitely for sport support, and he did not have any other shoes that met the criteria for that.  He took his new shoes in the bathroom to use the step stool to put them on.  Phoenix had a hard time fitting the right shoe over his brace at first, but when he finally got it on, it felt heavenly.  He quickly put the other shoe on, laced it up, and hopped up and down in them.  The pain in his right ankle was minimal, which was surprising considering that he had injured it only a week and a half ago and it normally took months to heal back to the point where he could wear low-tops again.  Phoenix tried walking back and forth in them.  He could walk again without limping.  Phoenix figured he would break the pair he had on in first before attempting racquetball again, but he was fairly certain that the shoes would work.  He was so excited that he may be able to exercise again!  Now all he had to do was tell his spouse about the shoes...

About that time, Phoenix's spouse walked through the door.  Phoenix faced it directly and told his spouse the whole story.  His spouse laughed and said, "Phoenix, you need to be in a padded room."  Phoenix laughed and admitted he needed to be in a bubble where he could not get hurt.  His spouse went to shower, and Phoenix went back to listening to his iPod and writing about his life.
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