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originally written in my primary years, edited in 2012.
Who Am I? (ELEMENTARY YEARS) – edited in 2012.

I could start by asking anyone the same Question: “Who are you?” People hardly are ever who they seem to be. Have you ever asked yourself: Who does she or he think I am? If so, you're probably in the majority! How we act around others can differ drastically from how we act in private. Everyone has something to hide and sometimes it's precisely the answer to this question.

“What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” (Romeo and Juliet). What a thought! I feel as Juliet does about this, a name doesn't change who the person is inside and what they've experienced. If nothing but the person's name changes, his or her personality won't. Otherwise whenever we got nicknames, we would reject them instead of adjusting. I respond more often to a person's tone than to what name or nickname they call me by.

As far as appearance, I'd much rather be comfortable than look Professional. I hate wearing make-up heavy or in such a way that it looks extremely artificial. I am a slight perfectionist. It's extremely apparent to me when I get frustrated. The thing I am the most interested in is being in control and being happy with how I look.

My nature is to be curious, trusting, kind, and highly emotional. I believe that without people we can't really live and a person can't get far without an education. The importance of money in the world's eyes makes me sick. What makes a millionaire more of a person than a pauper who struggles every year to make enough to meet the basic needs of his family? Nothing, they're both human and the only thing that separates them is money. It's the world and our experiences which set limits on how we act. I have it better than a lot of people but we're far from rich. What I'm saying is that society's value of money and status over humanity is out of wack. I don't agree that a person's value is based on these. It's up to each of us to raise above these limits. If anyone feels that he or she isn't influenced by outside forces like the world, let them go through one school day without keeping their guard up! Not so easy, is it?

Communication in any relationship is important. Family, friends, and supporters are important to most anyone. For me, they are the source of my strength. These people and my religious beliefs that are not provable are the source of my life. I believe that people and events help shape your personality but calling people mechanical or a unfailing product of their environment is wrong because it would be awfully sad if you had no choice in how you turned out.

I believe sticking to what you believe, though it can be hard, is so important. I think you have to use your head to keep your heart in check. Even though emotions are real or important, they shouldn't control your life. A person's main focus should be higher than that and if I could explain, then I would. We are a marriage sealed by God, and influenced by heaven. Think on how to make the world a better place for the country – and you could win the election again.
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