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Tribute to the generous donors of round 1 raffle endeavor. give so others might receive
Copenator's Raffle
Round 1 Donors Hall of Fame
by Steve Cope
09-01 to 09-04 - 2012

Michelle is her name, she goes by sunshine.
In the halls of the WdC she does flow, dropping a line.
Cool, calm and collected in the post, GPs alight.
Here, there, and everywhere, With sun sprinkled GPs, our doors she did light.
Every GP went to others in the WdC.
Larger was the sum because of her first entry.
Let the world within this www know wisely were they spent.
Every group, individual, and upgrade bank coffer was not lined with lint.
         Michelle ShellySunshine saw to it that so many more received a share of 30k GPs.

Gabrial; the Arch Angel; has a counterpart here in the earthly cyber-world.
A lady of legendary generosity is gifted with a willingness to spread the wealth.
By definition this is known as philanthropy.  By heart it is know as caring.
Real and tangible are the gift ables she leaves lying around in so many posts.
In no time at all there is an influx of the monetary cog that turns the WdCs engine.
Equal parts of care and concern are sprinkled into the mix with each visit made.
Looking, considering, or just plain touched by the activity in question the purse strings let loose.
Large, small or in-between, one factor ties them all together.  Love for the WdC and those within it's walls.
Angel, philanthropist, good deed spreader, or just plain cool.  The words all fit this gracious lady; Gabriella; who with but a tap on the enter button; visited this humble raffle and in a flash  there were 50K GPs more "given so others might receive."

Surely ladies have tender hearts and are willing to help in so many ways.
How blessed is the WdC to have one such lady, who not only leads groups, but graciously says;
"Every syllable matters in the form we speak of today."  Thereby helping another writer grow.
Like a gazelle, she flits about, peeking here, poking there, and in the end she surely does know.
"Let it be known that this place is worthy of being visited upon."
Elegantly spoken the words are music to the ears of the event leader reading on.
"Yes! One can almost hear the blessed recipient cheer.  For in the confines of this raffles post ShelleyA~10 years at WDC left 50k Gps!

Joy is spread from heart-to-heart in this place.
Oh it might be a review of a beleaguered writers portfolio space.
Here in the halls of the WdC smiles are spread, and lessons are taught.
Nearer to the meat of the matter some writers do draw, and take it to heart.
Now here, now there, finding the halls of this raffle through a gift, a gift in kind is given.
You are witness to the miracle of GP growth oh so often in the hundreds of raffles, auctions, birthday parties even.
         johnny1209 virtually stepped into these lines and dropped another 20k GPs.

ee the many names of some of the groups in the WdC.  What stands out in your mind?
Gosh one might wonder if upon the walls one did spill cans of alphabet soup.
Doubling as a word and a part of an acronym, one does find a group that epitomizes "giving so others might receive."
Golly gee!  Look at this post here,  from one of the benefactors of our raffle.  Into the mix the SGDG does seed 50k gps.
~ Sisco ~ Back! the founder of SISCO'S GOOD DEEDS GROUP, leaves his footprint on the heart of generosity that beats so clearly in the WdC.

Simply positively beloved is this grand lady by most; if not all; of the WdC.
Helping out in raffles, auctions, in & outs, and review groups of all kinds, all in a days work for this dear lady.
Even now; on the day this was written; our next benefactor is sadly ill.  In the hospital under watchful care we pray for her.
Revealing a fortitude and strength that exceeds imagination, her portfolio and even her "case" has steadily climbed.
Rewarded, awarded, immortalized in Acrostics; still more could be done to honor her contribution of love to the WdC.
In that spirit, this humble writer includes Sherri Gibson, not only in Copenator's Raffle Round 1 Hall of Fame but in the confines of his dedication to become the best writer that he can become.  SHERRI GIBSON , the leader of Simply Positive, is now and always  will be an integral part of what makes the heart of the WdC beat.  Thank you for "giving so others might receive."  50K gps.

Cynthia in the Greek means "moon"/"celestial light".  Our final hall of fame member is a beacon in the WdC.
In thought, deed, and action she has taken up the cause of the chornically ill.  Those maladies appearing a-symptomatic.
Nonetheless just as debilitating as those with more pronounced symptoms and just as worthy of our care and concern.
Doling out her wisdom, care, and blessed poetic skills, donor number seven is the WdC's virtual night-light.
You see here in many places on this site, among them being Simply Positive, and when she found her way to the Raffle; blainecindy shone her light upon our cause and 20k GPs were so lovingly deposited into the coffers.

This writers first solo attempt at a raffle was intended to benefit others with a theme in the first round of "giving so others might receive."  Over the short time this event was active; seven members of this site; that turns 12 this year; literally drew tears of joy out of the heart of this man.  Even now as one looks at the scheme of things.  In an economy that is more than shaky, in a world that is rife with high unemployment, there still lives the heart of "giving so others might see and do likewise".  We are the witnesses of that; beloved; for these seven combined to give a total of:
270 thousand gift points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now that's giving so others might receive.


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