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Phoenix gets his new MacBook Pro...
It was Friday when Phoenix finally received his MacBook Pro 15.4" Laptop.  The newest version, upgradable to Mountain Lion, the latest in the Mac operating systems.  10.8.1.  It had many new features, some of which Phoenix could really use for his graduate classes in psychology.  He had also ordered ESET internet security software, Office for Mac 2011, and the AppleCare Protection Plan, good until 2016.  The setup of his new computer was a bit tedious, but Phoenix always enjoyed getting to choose his options and fiddle around with new features on a computer.  He was not particularly tech savvy.  Most of what he knew about computers was learned by making mistakes.  That was okay, though.  At least he knew now.  The biggest projects that Phoenix had going at the moment were his thesis, his lecture presentation for child psychopathology, and his drug index for neuropharmacology.  He would have other presentations, evaluations, and research papers to turn in by the end of the semester, and this computer had all the tools to help him do that.

Phoenix could now take his MacBook Air with him freely wherever he went and not worry about losing anything terribly vital because he had his flash drives and his MacBook Pro.  The MacBook Pro had 750GB of memory, whereas his MacBook Air only had 256GB.  That made the decision of where to store things an easy one.  Phoenix also had a built-in disk drive on his MacBook Pro.  That was not that big a deal because he already had an external disk drive for his MacBook Air.  All of the ports worked on his new computer, though.  On the MacBook Air, only one of his two USB drives worked, which was a pity and made working with it difficult at times.  Phoenix had recently found a solution for that problem, though.  He had found a Targus multiport external USB device with four USB ports.  That allowed Phoenix to do everything he needed with his MacBook Air wherever he went.

Phoenix now had everything he needed to complete graduate school.  At the end of the spring semester, if all went successfully, he would have a Master's Degree in Psychology, an M.S. Psyc.  Phoenix would be "Phoenix Jones, B.S., B.S., M.S. Psyc."  Someday beyond that, Phoenix hoped to be "Phoenix Jones, M.D., Ph.D."  Who knew, though, what would happen with Phoenix's life.  He had so many talents, but he also had so many handicaps to overcome.  He was doing better, though.  His PTSD and Major Depression were improving.  The ECT treatments were helping, as was his psychiatrist, and he felt that there was hope for the future.  The future may not turn out to be what Phoenix expected.  He knew that all too well, because life so far had been just that - life.  Life was unpredictable, sometimes good and sometimes bad, but always moving ahead in some fashion.  A perfect example was Phoenix's new MacBook Pro.  He had never expected to own an Apple computer, much less two Macs.  He loved the Macs, though.  They were his new favorite tools for just about everything tech-related.  He still had to use his PC for printing anything, but short of that, his Macs did everything for him.  As a matter of fact, Phoenix had grown to love the Macs for their speed.  Since getting a Mac, Phoenix had noticed that his PC was incredibly slow and the Macs were incredibly fast.  His MacBook Air was faster than his MacBook Pro, but that was good because that was the computer he would be taking with him to school, to coffee shops, and everywhere else where he did not have time to try to figure out slow function.

Phoenix was very pleased with his life at the current moment.  He could not wait to try out all the new features of his MacBook Pro.  He had only scratched the surface of exploration, but he had also only had the computer for 12 hours, too.  He would figure it all out.  It would be so much fun that Phoenix could hardly wait!
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