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by Jennyj
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A cat ,misunderstanding!
CRAMP FOR 9/23/12

My house is old, forty years old. When redoing the kitchen, the city inspector recommended I rewire the house. Thus, new panel, switches, outlets, etc.

Only (true story,) one of the switches ended up rewired incorrectly. When I switched the hall light on, it turned off the fan in my bedroom AND the light in the kitchen. The electrician returned and repaired it, of course, but it gave me a wonderful prompt for today.

Imagine you’ve had your house rewired, only your electrician makes a bigger mistake. You turn off/on the switch and something very peculiar happens. (It doesn’t have to be reality-based. In fact, I prefer that it’s not.) Write a poem or story about what happens when you turn off or on your new switch.

(a huge cat misunderstanding!)
(27 lines)

Well, they carme out and rewired
this-here old house of mine,
but it seems like they MIS-FIRED
MY ELECTRICAL this time!

My small, innocent switch
that turned on my bathroom light
now turns on my house-cat door;
and that’s started quite a FIGHT!

My neighbor's ancient tabby
came through that door at a run!
And afore it was over,
she was not having much fun!

My own young strong calico
got scared about her food
and thought the big old tabby
had better not intrude!

So, bright fur flew as my girl knew
she'd better act right fast:
she clawed and hissed and bit as she
defended to the last!

When the commotion finished and the fight came to an end,
don't you know those silly cats were once again good friends!
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