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by docmon
Rated: ASR · Outline · Thriller/Suspense · #1895137
Outline and prep for Nano, my sequel to Stopping Bullets

Monday, Oct. 01 - PREMISE

Premise: Justine Bernard barely escaped capture by a federal agent, Hollister, and being used by a ruthless businessman, Medici, and now lives in the tunnels under Manhattan with Cayden Duncan, also wanted by the feds and who promised his brother Quinn he’d protect her. But she refuses to use her special ability that has driven these people to try to use her. When Quinn learns that the the businessman and the agent have teamed up and created a bioweapon, he convinces Justine that she must come out of hiding. But when she discovers that they may have created another person like her, she’s torn between doing the right thing and not being totally alone in the world.

Tuesday, Oct. 02 - OUTLINE #1

Plot Points

Part 1: Justine and Cayden live in the tunnels under Manhattan; Justine refuses to use her ability, is attracted to Quinn and Cayden.

Plot Point 1: They learn that Medici has built a bioweapon, but Quinn cannot get assigned to the case and so is unable to stop him, so they must.

Part 2: The three try to learn where Medici is, what he’s doing, and learn about what Hollister has to do with it all.

Midpoint: Quinn is kidnapped by Hollister and Medici to be used in his experiment, then killed to get him out of the way.

Part 3: Justine and Cayden must find Quinn, Medici, figure out what Hollister’s doing, and find out if he’s created another like Justine.

Plot Point 2: Hollister baits them, tells them he’ll release Quinn if Justine comes.

Part 4: They make a plan to free Quinn and his prisoner, the one like Justine, and destroy the weapon. All doesn't go to plan!

Wednesday, Oct. 03 - MARKETING EXERCISE

Target audience: Urban & suburban single women from the coasts or large cities of the US, late 20s to late 40s with college education and white collar jobs

This audience enjoys adventure but doesn't get to experience it much first hand. My books take them a step out of their world, with high levels of suspense and a touch of the supernatural.

Thursday, Oct. 04 - DRAMATIS PERSONAE

Justine Bernard (main character): 25, waitress (now in hiding), strawberry blond curly hair, very fair, slight build, wears black

Cayden Duncan: 25, hacker for Medici before he went on the run, lives with Justine in tunnels, falling in love with her, blond hair, ave height, solid build

Quinn Duncan: 28, detective, also in love with Justine, tracking Medici, curly brown hair, tall, brown eyes

Cos Medici: 50, owner of medical distribution company, brown hair, ave height, slightly plump

Agent Hollister: 36, former Def Dept agent, searching for Justine, trying to create more like her, blond, tall, slim, drinks

Gabby ____: 26, IT techie in Quinn's precinct, attraction b/w the two of them

new lab rat


Justine Bernard: profile in Scrivener files. Planned character arc: Internal Conflict: to use or not use her ability, whether she’s obligated to use it for the good of others. (She’s stopped using it altogether) Is she selfish to not use it? (Was Hollister right that she should use it to help her country?) External Conflict: Medici has new plans for a bioweapon, and is working with Hollister. They seem to be using someone with abilities like Justine.


See Stopping Bullets (prequel)

Sunday, Oct. 07 - BONUS ASSIGNMENT

Antagonist: Agent Hollister: profile in Scrivener files. Planned character arc: He refuses to give up his quest to bring Justine to his side, use her as a weapon, perhaps figure out the secret of her ability and create others. But he’s had to adjust how he approaches it. He did obtain her blood sample, one of his goals (previous book), but he remains disappointed he couldn’t convince Justine of the need for his mission. He knows they would have made a great team. He still hopes to find a sign that will lead to her. Creating another one like her might draw her out of hiding. WHAT'S HIS END?

Monday, Oct. 08 - CULTURAL SETTING

My novel is set in present-day Manhattan (NYC), using the real world as the world of the story (same governmental structure, NYPD, etc.). There is a fictional department in the Department of Defense where Agent Hollister used to work. He and the businessman create a fictional technology to implant in people.

Tuesday, Oct. 09 - OUTLINE REVISION #2

Climax: At the midpoint, Hollister (and Medici?) kidnap Quinn as a way to get him out of the way. Then Hollister realizes he knows where Justine is and he becomes a lure to get Justine. Hollister contacts Justine, lets her know he has Quinn, and can get him back in exchange for her.

Justine and Cayden learn where Hollister is keeping Quinn. But Justine is also curious about the other person in the lab, whom Hollister gave the same ability as Justine (how does she learn this?). She needs to meet him, ask him questions. She decides to swap places with Quinn. She meets with Hollister and agrees to trade places so that Quinn is released unharmed (is he unharmed?). (Medici's role in this?) Hollister takes the bait (he just wants Justine). Justine ends up fighting the other TKer?

The lab rat dies. Justine chooses Quinn over the idea of not being the only one like her.

Need more...

Wednesday, Oct. 10- SETTING #1 DRAWING

Have a map of Medici's place. Map of east side of Manhattan where Justine lives and works. Found location for Medici's warehouse/lab -- across the river in Jersey.

97th & Park: entrance to subway tunnels

Thursday, Oct. 11 - SETTING #1 DESCRIPTION

The Manhattan of Justine's world is today's Manhattan. Fast, filled with people all with their own places to go, and enough crowds to get lost enough. Perfect for remaining anonymous. She lived on the edge of Harlem just north of the upper east side, and works at a diner among the wealthier of that area, surrounded by the blare of taxis horns, the glare of lights, and the smells of food from countries around the globe. The only relief came when she cut through the apartment complex and was temporarily surrounded by trees, darkness, and silence.

Now she and Cayden are living underground, in the tunnels beneath the city, the ones beneath the subways. Many homeless people use these tunnels. It's often hot, oppressively so, except when it's cold. The dark is unrelenting. The trains are constantly raging through, squeaking, then roaring by. They make a daily trek to a point in the tunnel where sunlight shines through, just to get some sunshine. And sometimes they meet Quinn at the abandoned station. He brings fresh food and those are good days. Fresh fruit and fresh bread, the taste can't be overestimated. You take those things for granted until you can't have them.


Agent Hollister. Extensive profile in Scrivener files. For sequel, Hollister will be dealing with some defeat, although he does have Justine's blood sample. He just has no idea where she is. So he works on replicating her, using people in experiments until he gets it right. Some of the deaths start showing up, and that gets Quinn involved. But he is successful, and that changes everything for Justine. But Quinn learns too much and he decides to use him for experiments then eliminate him.

What's his arc? What's he learning this time around?


Antagonist Background Story

"I don't think I have anything more to say, then, Lucerne," Victoria said. She got up and walked around the couch.

"You can't just--I told you not to call me that," Hollister said.

Victoria rolled her eyes. "Well, I hate calling you Hollister. I'm not one of your agent buddies." She grabbed her sweater from the back of the couch.

"'Agent buddies'?" Hollister's voice went up an octave. "This is not preschool. They are not my 'buddies.' They're my colleagues. Coworkers."

Victoria pulled on her sweater. "Exactly what I am not. You said things would change, but it's been six months and I still feel like an afterthought."

"I can't help my workload--"

"Lots of people have busy jobs and manage to carry on relationships and in some instances actually get married. I'm lucky to have a date every few weeks. If anything, it's gotten worse. I can't take it anymore. Besides," she continued before Hollister could finish a thought, "your workload isn't the real problem."

Hollister walked up to her. It was as if he were trying to hold on to sand. Something was slipping through his fingers and he seemed powerless to stop it. "Okay, Victoria, look. Every Friday we'll go out. It'll be a standing date."

Victoria looked at him like he had just landed from an alien ship. "No." She slowly shook her head. "You can't fix this by scheduling me in. And obviously you weren't listening when I said that's not the real problem."

Hollister didn't like the sound of that and didn't reply.

"It's her."

Hollister looked up at Victoria sharply. "Her?" He thought he knew where this was headed now, and it wasn't likely to be pretty.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about. You're obsessed, Hol. Perhaps you can't see it because you've been working on this so long, but this search has consumed you. Even I take second place to her."

"Now you're exaggerating."

"Am I? So what would you call it when someone spends all their waking moments in search of one person?"

"Obviously I do not spend all my time looking for one person. I would be out of a job if I did."

"Huh. Never thought about that aspect." Victoria crossed her arms. "So how close are you to losing your job? How many times have you been one step away?"

Hollister's stomach knotted. That hit a bit too close to home. "This is ridiculous." He turned away, shaking his head.

"Just as I thought. You have spent how many years in the pursuit of this one woman--and you won't even tell me why. You want to know what I really think?" She didn't pause for his answer. "I think you're in love with her."

"What?" He rounded on her, his jaw hanging open, his mouth ready to speak, but without a word to make in response.

"Oh, don't look so shocked--"

"Shocked? This isn't shocked, Victoria. This is--is flabbergasted, baffled, speechless."

"Oh, don't make such a huff. Any more protest would be too much. It's just an educated guess, after all. You spend more time thinking about this mysterious woman--who could be the 'savior of us all' if her skills were put to the right use, whatever that means--than you ever spent with me. I can't continue to play the role of second, Hollister. I won't."

Hollister's heart seized as if he were having a heart attack. It was hard to breathe. "Victoria--"

"No, Hollister. There isn't anything else to say. I'm leaving. I'm done."

In a moment, Hollister stood alone in his apartment.



Background scene: Learning to Play with Rocks

“Try that one,” her brother asked.

Justine looked where he pointed. Another rock, much bigger than the one she had just moved. She glanced back at her brother. He seemed to think she could do it, so maybe she could.

She turned back to the small boulder and stared. Her eyebrows wrinkled as she concentrated, harder and harder. She felt like she could make a hole through it with her eyes. She tried to ignore the grass, the sun, the breeze on her face. Even Devon. Only the rock. She could only see the rock if she was going to do it.

Then she pictured a rope pulling the rock up in the air. Devon had suggested the rope. She always used it now, and it worked. And it worked this time, even though the rock was bigger than anything she’d ever moved. To her--or her mind--it was light as a pebble.

She heard a gasp beside her, but she ignored it. If she stopped concentrating, she'd drop the rock.

She brought the imagined rope towards her and began to pull. Slowly the rock came to her. She felt no weight, but it seemed to resist her more than smaller things.

She led the rock beside her and let it drop in front of her brother.

“Excellent!” He pumped his fist in the air. “That’s so cool.”

“You said you can’t do this, Devon? Have you tried?”

“Nope. You're special, Justine. Like Dad. Mom says you got it from him.”

Justine frowned. “But why didn't you get it from him?”

He shrugged. “I think it’s like anything else. You got Mom’s color hair, but I got Dad’s. You got Dad’s special gift, but I didn't.” He looked like he was going to say more, but then he didn't. Then he said, "Although... whatever."


"Just that Dad said to Mom once something about work, like you moving things had to do with Dad's work. But that doesn't make much sense. I don't know what it means."

Before Justine could ask another question, Devon said, “Come on, let's do it again. You've gotta practice!”

“I’m tired.”

“Just a little longer, okay? I wanna see if you can throw something this big, too. Did you tried throwing stuff yet?”

“Yeah, but mostly pebbles.”

“Okay, so pick up the big rock and see if you can toss it onto that hill over there.”

“That’s far!”

“You just picked up something your arms couldn't pick up. I bet you can throw it farther than your arms can throw, too.”

Justine thought about that. It seemed to make sense. She lifted the rock with the imaginary rope, then used the rope to throw it across the field.

It made a little hop, then landed not far from them.

“I told you it was far.”

“Maybe you didn’t know how to throw it. Did you imagine the rope?”

“Yup. Then I tried to throw it. I know how to throw.”

Devon looked thoughtful. “You know how to throw with your arm, but maybe you can’t imagine it. Here, take this pebble and throw it with your arm. But look at your arm when you do it. See what your arm does.”

Justine practiced throwing a rock with her arm, then tried with her mind. But she insisted on trying a smaller rock.

It sailed across the field, landed on the hill, then slowly rolled down.

Devon high-fived Justine. “I knew you could do it. Here, try this.” He tossed a larger rock to her, one not quit as big as the one she had lifted earlier.

Perhaps she hadn't been looking. When she turned and saw the rock coming to her, it startled her. Perhaps Devon forgot her young age. It was too big for her to catch. Justine put her hand out instinctively to protect her face.

The rock bounced back to Devon, hitting him in the chest.

Devon looked at his sister, his mouth hanging open, as he rubbed his chest.

Justine looked at Devon’s chest, then at the rock. "Are you okay?"

"Sure, just surprised me."

"How did I do that?”

Devon laughed. “How do I know. Try it again.”

“No. I don’t know what I did. You could hit me with the rock. Or I could hurt you.”

“I'm fine. But you’re right. You could get hurt. You must be tired anyway. But we gotta try that tomorrow!”

She smiled. “'Kay.”

As they walked back to the house, Devon asked her the same questions he always did. Like she couldn't remember. She wasn't a baby anymore.

“You remember that you don’t move things without touching them anywhere else but at home, right?” When Justine nodded, he continued. “And that’s only when no one else but us are home, right?”

She nodded again. “I know. No one else is allowed to know what I can do. Not even Daddy’s work, even though they know what Daddy can do.” She looked up to her brother, squinting in the sun. “That makes no sense. If Daddy’s work knows what he can do, why can’t they know what I can do? It’s the same thing.”

Justine didn't understand Devon's expression. “That’s what Mom told me. I don’t really know why.” He shrugged.

Background scene: Fleeing the Feds


"Yeah, Mom."

"Where’s Justine?"

"Here," she called from the room across the hall.

Mom rushed into her room. Justine had a few things floating in the air she was moving at once. When she saw her mother’s face, they all dropped to the floor.


Her mom came and hugged her tightly. She pulled her away from her and looked at her, while her eyes grew wet.

Justine's stomach did a couple of flips. "Mom? What’s wrong?"

"We have to leave."

"Leave?" Devon asked from the door.

Mom turned to him. "Yes, Devon. I need you to pack a bag for you and your sister. Whatever you can pack into one suitcase." She headed for the door.

"Where are we going?"

Mom hesitated for a tiny second. "Just pack, Devon. And hurry. Justine, help your brother."


"No buts. No time for buts. We are leaving now."

"Are we coming back?" Justine asked.

"Justine! Do what I said. Now!" She ran to her own room and Justine heard the sound of drawers opening and closing.

"I don’t hear you packing," their mom cried as Devon and Justine stood in shock.

Devon seemed to wake up. He pulled their suitcases from the top of the closet. He opened them on the bed and started pulling out clothes from her drawers. Justine felt tears in her eyes and an ache in her throat. She ran to her mother.

"Mom, did something happen? Where’s Dad? Is he meeting us somewhere?"

Her mother made a funny noise, sort of like a hiccup, and bit her lip. She was upset, Justine could tell, but she wouldn't say why. That made Justine more scared.

"Just do what I say, Justine. Please. This is very important. I’ll explain it all later. Go help your brother." When Justine hesitated, her mom added, "Now."

Justine ran back to the room and looked at her brother throwing clothes into her suitcase. "Where do you keep your underwear?"

She realized she could do this much faster herself. She looked at her drawer, pulled it with her mind, then drew out clumps of clothes and dropped them into her suitcase. Her brother looked up as the clothes dropped on top of his hands. "I'm helping." She felt foolish now, but she didn't know why.

"Good idea. You pack your clothes, and I'll get mine." He ran from the room.

She felt better, but only partly. She still didn’t know what was going on. She only knew something bad had happened. Her stomach felt queasy. If she threw up, her mom might get mad. She took a deep breath.

Justine pulled out some shoes from the closet and dumped them into the suitcase. There was some room left, so she grabbed some more clothes, her favorites, including some sweaters it was too warm to wear now. Then she saw her stuffed bear and dog on her bed. They were old and worn but she could never part with them. She drew them into her suitcase.

"Are you done?" Devon appeared at the door.

"I guess--"

"Ok, come on then." He zipped up her suitcase and carried his and hers out. "Come on. Mom’s waiting."

Justine shook her head to try to think straight and followed her brother.

Her mother was in the car already, suitcases in the trunk. She grabbed their suitcases and stuffed them in and hurried them into the car. Justine recognized the look on her face. Her mom was scared. Really scared. That scared Justine more than anything, and she said nothing as they rode away from their home with the sun setting behind them.

They drove all night and only stopped when the sky began to get light. Justine didn't recognize where they were, nor did she recognize the people who came out of the house they were parked in front of. They told Mom they were sorry and they would help them, and that made Justine feel worse. She reached out and took Devon’s hand. Devon held it tight, and Justine knew he was scared too.

They followed their mom into the house. "Where’s Dad, Devon?" Justine whispered to him. "Do you think he knows how to find us here?"

Devon looked at the grownups for a little longer, then at Justine. His face held an awful look that Justine wanted him to take back. "I don’t know. I think--I don't know. But I think... something... bad’s happened."

The woman led them to a couch, while their mom followed the man into a dining room. The woman came back in a minute with glasses of water for them.

Justine drank quickly, suddenly very thirsty. She turned to Devon. "I’m scared."

He held his glass, but hadn't drank any. "Me too. But be quiet and let me listen. I’ll figure out what they’re talking about."

Justine rested her head on Devon’s shoulder and dozed. When she woke, they were in the car again--only, it wasn't their car. Justine had never seen this one. She leaned forward. Mom looked really tense. Her fingers were white on the steering wheel. Devon was sleeping next to her. She crawled closer to him and let herself fall asleep again.

Justine woke with her head on her mother’s shoulder. Her mom was carrying her into another house. This time they went around the back. A woman said hello with a smile that faded quickly, then led them inside and into the basement. There was a whole room down there, a couch, a bedroom. Mom used the bathroom right away, and Justine sat on the couch holding Devon’s hand.

"Devon? How is Dad going to find us. I don’t even know where we are."

Devon didn’t look at her for a while. When he did, he looked like he had when his fish had died. "Justine, I--I don’t think he’s..." He took a deep breath. "I don’t think Dad’s coming."

Justine squeezed Devon’s hand so hard he flinched. "What do you mean? Where did he go?"

Mom came into the room. Her eyes were wet and red, as if she'd crying. "Devon’s right, sweetie. Daddy--your father can’t come with us." Her voice shook.

"Why not?" Justine's voice rose, but she couldn't stop it. "Daddy would never leave us alone. Why are we here? Where are we going? You've got to tell me!" She’d had enough of secrets.

Mom sat down and explained to that their father had set up a system where. if he felt he or they were in danger, he would arrange a call to go to the house to tell them to go to the safe house, where they would get instructions to go to another safe house.

Justine didn't understand, even though she knew her father did some dangerous work and that it had to do with what he--what they could do. He had told Justine once that not everyone would find what they could do "cool." Some would think she was weird or worse. Worse meant some would try to use her for whatever they wanted. The people her dad worked for wanted to use him, but he only did what he wanted to do. There was a chance that they would want him to do something he didn't want to do. Then he would be in trouble. If he ever got in trouble, they would have to leave so those people couldn't hurt them to make her dad do what they wanted to do.

Justine had told her father they didn't sound like nice people. Her father had agreed, but he promised her that he would do whatever he had to to protect her.

So why was he not with them now?

"He would only have sent us this message if he could not protect us himself." At this point, her mom was having trouble keeping herself from crying.

Devon squeezed Justine's hand so hard it hurt. But she didn't pull away. "That means..." His voice was a whisper. "That means something has happened to Dad, hasn't it?"

Her mom looked at Devon with an expression Justine had never seen on her face. "Yes, hon. I think it has."

"Is he--?"

Her mom swallowed. "Probably," she said, as her voice broke. She covered her face with her hands. Her shoulders shook with her sobs.

"He’s what?" Justine asked. "What’s happened to Dad?"

Devon's face was pale. His eyes shone. He pulled Justine to him and squeezed her tight. When she heard him sniffle, Justine got really scared. She squirmed out of his arms and went to her mother. She pulled her mother's arms from her face. "Where’s Daddy? Where is he? Tell me!"

Her mother grabbed her, pulled her to her, then said, "Sweetie, didn't your father tell you he’d always protect you?"

Justine looked at her mother. "Yes."

"This is how he’s protecting us now. He warned us in time to get away. But that means he’s in danger and can’t get to us. We have to keep ourselves safe. We have to keep you safe."


"Yes, sweetie. You. You and Daddy are the same, right? Well, it looks like someone came after Daddy because of that. They may have taken him somewhere, maybe kidnapped him. We can’t really know what’s happened to him. But he felt that they might have wanted to have you too. That’s why we had to leave."

"Me? Why would they want me?"

"Experiments," Devon said. His voice was different. He sounded mad.

"We don’t know," her mom said, looking at Devon. "Maybe. We don’t really know. But we figure it can’t be good. I don’t want anyone taking you away from me."

Devon looked at her now. "Dad never wanted anyone to get a hold of you, especially to do experiments on. I promised Dad, you would never be an experiment."

Tuesday, Oct. 16 - OUTLINE REVISION #3

Paragraphs on the main characters' storylines. Needs work, but it'll do for now.

Justine: char. arc: to use or not use her ability, whether she’s obligated to use it for the good of others. (She’s stopped using it altogether) Is she selfish to not use it? Was Hollister right that she should use it to help her country?

Storyline: Justine is hiding out in the tunnels with Cayden. She won't use her ability. She doesn't want to leave when Quinn tells her what Medici and Hollister are up to. Only when she learns the full scope of their plan does she agree to come out of hiding. When Quinn is kidnapped, she and Cayden have to figure out where his investigation left off, try to find where Hollister and Medici are hiding, where they have Quinn, figure out if Hollister has created another one like Justine, and rescue Quinn.

Cayden: char. arc: he found, at the end of the last book, that he can be a good person, do the right thing. He’s trying to do the right thing now, but he’s not always sure what it is. Doing the right thing is way harder than doing the profitable thing. His feelings for Justine have grown stronger, but he knows how his brother feels about her, so he tries to resist them. She’s right next to him but out of reach. HOW DOES HE CHANGE?

Storyline: Cayden is staying under the tunnels of New York with Justine. He wants to leave New York entirely, but Justine won't leave. When they come above ground to help Quinn find Medici and Hollister, Cayden begins to feel that Justine no longer needs him. But when his brother is kidnapped, it's all he and Justine can do to figure out where he is and stop Medici and Hollister.

Quinn: char. arc: He’s wrestling with his feelings for Justine, and whether she’s stepped out of his grasp (and into his brother’s). Spending time with Gabby he finds a way to try to forget her, accept that they’re both moving on. But he never loses his feelings for Justine. He has to choose between them?

Storyline: Quinn visits Justine and Cayden in the tunnels as often as he can. He lets them know how he's keeping track of Medici and what he's up to. He tries to convince them to help him when he realizes something big is up. Eventually they do agree to help them, but then Medici's or Hollister's men come for him. Hollister tries to do some experiments on him. He needs another person there, someone Hollister has experimented on. He can do what Justine does. Somehow Hollister made him, can control him.

Hollister: char. arc: he refuses to give up his quest to bring her to his side, use her as the weapon she can be, perhaps figure out the secret of her ability to create others. But he’s had to adjust how he approaches it. He did get one of his goals, the blood sample, but he remains disappointed he couldn’t bring Justine over to his side. He knows they would have made a great team. He still hopes to find a sign of her. Creating another one like her might draw her out of hiding. What’s his end?

Storyline: Hollister is left the Department of Defense is now working with Medici. Medici is given him some room for lab, he can continue his experiments. He has the blood sample from Justine, although he really needs to talk to Justine again. If he can just talk to her, he knows he can convince her. Meanwhile, he's going to try to make someone else have the same abilities she has. If he's successful, he could make an Army. And maybe he could bring Justine in. He knows she'd want to meet them. But that detective Quinn Duncan, is getting too close. So , he'll have to go. But he's not going to waste him. He can use him. Medici's men kidnaps Quinn and brings him to Hollister. Hollister can experiment on him before he eliminates him.

Wednesday, Oct. 17 - MINOR #1 PROFILE

Second protagonist: Cayden Duncan

Extensive profile in Scrivener files. He has a combative relationship with his brother Quinn. He has a huge chip on his shoulder from the way Quinn has put expectations on him when he was younger. They both have fallen for Justine. He has promised his brother he would protect her while they live in the tunnels. He tries to resist the feelings that are growing as they spend time together, for his brother's sake. Cayden has always had a problem with authority. And so he ended up working for Medici. But he betrayed Medici for Justine, and is now trying to do the right thing, something unfamiliar to him.

Thursday, Oct. 18- MINOR #1 BACKGROUND STORY

Cayden Duncan background story

Cayden wished he hadn't decided to finish the bottle before coming over to his mom’s. She could no longer tell whether he was drunk or sober, but he could tell that Quinn had his suspicions. His frown was a big hint. Although, he usually was frowning when he looked at or talked to Cayden. He couldn't stand it. It made him so mad he wanted to punch him sometimes.

And sometimes he did punch Quinn. But that usually didn't end well, since Quinn was a bit bigger than him. And their mom hated when they fought.

He looked at his mom on the bed. She barely raised the sheet that lay over her. She’d lost more weight since he’d seen her. She was paler. But she wasn't frowning as much, like she used to. They’d probably upped her morphine. At this point, that’s all they could do for her.

Nothing more they could do. That’s what the doctors insisted. How could they say that? How can they look at a person and say, we cannot save your mother? What would he do without a mom? Who would he turn to? Quinn? That was a joke.

“Have you checked how much morphine they’re giving her? You know too much could be… real bad.”

Quinn looked at him. “The morphine is fine, Cayden. Any less, Mom will be in too much pain.”

“Yeah, but too much—”

“She can’t get too much right now.”

Cayden leaned back in his chair. “Quinn! It could—”

“Cayden.” Quinn’s voice was too quiet. “Mom is dying.”

Cayden jumped up. “Shut up, Quinn. You can’t know that. You always give up on people so easily. Mom is a fighter. She’s going to pull through this. She has to. Don’t—”

“Keep your voice down, Cayden. You’ll wake her. She needs to rest.”

“Keep my voice down? That’s what you think she needs? Tons of morphine and quiet?”

“If you can keep it down, you’re going to have to leave.”

“What, you’re going to kick me out?”

“Yes, I will kick you out if I have to.”

“You arrogant,” Cayden stepped closer to Quinn, “bossy, control freak.”

Quinn stepped toward Cayden.

Cayden stepped back. His foot bumped against the chair. He stumbled and fell back. His butt fell half on the chair, and he flailed, lost his balance, and fell to the floor.

“Cay—” Quinn lowered his voice. “Cayden, you are totally out of line. How dare you come to visit Mom when you’re drunk?”

Cayden pushed himself up. “I’m not—”

“Don’t even try. You smell like a liquor store.”

“Oh, and you've never—”

“Not when visiting Mom.” Quinn ran his hands through his hair. “You have to leave. Go. Get some air. Come see her tomorrow. Sober.”

Cayden stood, glared at his brother. Bossing him around again. “You forget you’re not Dad. You can’t tell me what to do.”

“I said. Get. Out.” He stepped within an inch of Cayden. “Don’t cause a scene in front of Mom.”

Cayden let out a breath. Quinn knew just what buttons to press. “Fine. See you tomorrow.” He walked out of the bedroom without a look back.

It was the last time he saw his mother alive.

Friday, Oct. 19 - SETTING #2 DRAWING

Complete a physical drawing of a second setting.



The warehouse building where Medici and Hollister are conducting their research.

In the industrial section of Jersey near Newark on the Hackensack River near Newark Bay. The area is desolate, with little business traffic. Mostly trucks and workers. There are plenty of chemical smells floating around, which mix with a smell of the river and moist decay. Seagulls can be heard when trucks aren't passing by. The building has few windows, and has been remodeled to accommodate the labs. There's also an area for sleeping, and a more secure area, where Hollister keeps his 'patients.'



Describe, in detail, an object critical to your story.

The prosthesis that Medici is designing his software to work with will have chips that are implanted in the muscles and in the brain. The prosthesis is one where the person can control the hand with his or her mind. But within the software are overrides, so an external person can take control of the person's movements, controlling the person. It will be available internationally, but probably not locally, since it will be hard to sell it at home.

Tuesday, Oct. 23 - OUTLINE REVISION #4

The fourth draft of your outline.


Using traditional outlining or index cards, fill more gaps and flesh out subplots using traditional outline format. Optional: Add a timeline.

The Snowflake Method : Compile a synopsis of your story by expanding each sentence of your summary paragraph into its own full paragraph. All but the last paragraph (which describes the story ending) should close with a disaster.

Wednesday, Oct. 24 - MINOR #2 PROFILE

Write a character profile about supporting or minor character #2.

Thursday, Oct. 25 - MINOR #2 BACKGROUND STORY

Write a background story about supporting or minor character #2.


Write a list of all the things you tend to do to procrastinate and establish a schedule for the month of November outlining when you are and are not allowed to procrastinate. Schedule time to write and put your schedule in writing.


Write a commitment letter to yourself promising to do your best during the month of November and vowing to not allow distractions or procrastination to keep you from your goal. Explain in the letter why you are awesome, how you plan to complete NaNo 2012, and what you will do to celebrate when you win.


Take a break or catch up.

Monday, Oct. 29 - OUTLINE REVISION #5

The fifth and final revision of your outline.


Using traditional outlining or index cards, flesh out the logistics of how your protagonist gets from the beginning of the story to the climax of the story. Add more timeline details and consider plotting out scenes by chapter.

The Snowflake Method : Using your synopsis, list the scenes needed to create your novel. Each scene should include the POV character and the action.

Tuesday, Oct. 30- SETTINGS LIST

Using your outline as a guide, list other settings in your novel. Sketch OR draft a brief description of each.


You are a journalist. The story of your novel is complete. Interview your protagonist and ask the following questions:

1. How did the events of your story change you?

2. How is life for you now?

Thursday Nov. 1 - NANOWRIMO BEGINS

Start writing your novel!

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