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We get through life by what tools we use or don't use.
Men have an intuitive sense about the use of some types of power.  If we can’t split a rock, it is natural for us to get a bigger hammer.  Everyone has some idea of this sort of phenomenon.

“Open this,” wife says with a plaintive, sigh, and of course, we do.  It is our job.  We have the power.  It was not put in that five foot nothing frame of hers.  They have power too, but that is a whole different set on things.

The gospel talks about access to power.  Eph 1:18-19 says we have access to the same power that God used when he resurrected Christ from the dead, if we believe.  That is a lot of power, but it also is a huge if.  Our first reaction might be, it will open a lot of pickle jars.  Just ask Samson.

We often think about power.  We can calculate how much power it would take to remove the stone from the grave of Jesus.  If we need to move something bigger or go faster, we get a bigger machine.  As the famous tool person and philosopher, Tool Man Taylor would say, “More power.”

Life is not that simple.  How do you have the power to confront death and the various vicissitudes of living that confront us?  We need something that is both more impactful than a bulldozer and even more directed.  How about the power of resurrection and new life?  That is not something men do.  That is not in our tool belt.

Heaven is a good thing and it is worth investing belief in someone who can help us get there.  We invest in GPS.  Why not?  Unless we are going somewhere we don’t usually travel, we often procrastinate and say we will buy our GPS device latter.  Let’s talk reality.  We need help now.  How do you get a recalcitrant spouse to do something, even if you know it is in their best interest?  A bigger stick is not really going to help, although domestic abuse is rampant.  We can’t really deal with the complexities of this life without divine guidance and intervention.  Try winning an argument with your wife.  Winning isn’t as important as you think.  You really are supposed to agree on things.

When we have power equipment on the job and it stops working, the first thing we do is to see if it is plugged in or has gas in it.  We don’t wail and lament that our saw doesn’t work.  It is governed by rational principles.

We will have times in our lives when our lives won’t work.  It actually is a biblical promise.  “I have the tools,” we say.  “I can do it myself.”  Then we fail.  Circumstances or people just don’t co-operate.  God either changes the circumstance or he changes us.  Maturity is often the ability to see things differently.  A two year old is never mature.

God has much to teach us about power and it is not just for heaven—it is for now.  We learned a lot from our earthly fathers.  Once we stopped being two, we began to learn.  Our little toy saws just don’t do it in the real world.  God has much more for us to plug into. 

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