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Phoenix's VA doctor follows up with him the day after his treatment because he is worried.
Phoenix could not help it.  He had broken down in front of his VA doctor the day before his ECT treatment at his physical.  He could not handle it any more.  Phoenix was tired of feeling the way he did, tired of fighting not to buy a gun and shoot himself, fighting to continue trying to make something of himself.  He was tired.  Exhausted.  He had tried to contact his psychiatrist all week, but with no success.  Was his psychiatrist mad at him?  Tired of him?  Or just busy?  Phoenix needed help, and he needed it on the immediate order.  His VA doctor could see this.  Phoenix was severely depressed.  The doctor listened patiently as Phoenix voiced his earlier plans to buy a gun and shoot himself.  Phoenix wept heavily and expressed how tired and exhausted he was, how tired he was of feeling the way he did.  The doctor asked Phoenix if he would mind if he had him see the crisis intervention social worker.  Phoenix did not care at this point.  The doctor also asked him if it was okay if he called him the day after his ECT treatment to make sure he was okay.  Safety was obviously foremost in the doctor's mind as he asked Phoenix if he was going to do anything regrettable.  "Regrettable to who?" Phoenix asked.  The doctor asked him if he was going to do anything that was going to make him wish he had done something different while he  had Phoenix sitting here in his office.  Phoenix said he would not.  The doctor asked specifically to make sure that Phoenix was not going to go buy a weapon and shoot himself.  The doctor led Phoenix out into the waiting room and told him that he would sit with him until he could see the crisis intervention social worker.

Phoenix was with the social worker for close to an hour.  The social worker ordered Phoenix to go to the hospital ER if he felt like harming himself that night.  Unbeknownst to Phoenix, after he left, the social worker put in a call to his psychiatrist to let him know that they were concerned about Phoenix.    Phoenix's psychiatrist did his ECT treatment the next day.  Phoenix was relieved to see his doctor and his doctor greeted him cheerfully, introducing the medical student at the same time.  There were so many things that Phoenix needed to talk to his doctor about, but could not yet.

The next day around 0930, Phoenix's VA doctor called him, worried and checking up on him.  He made sure that Phoenix went to his ECT treatment. 
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