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Phoenix catches up with his psychiatrist after two weeks of worrying and new meds...
Phoenix felt better after his ECT treatment the day before, performed by his psychiatrist.  Yesterday, his psychiatrist was friendly and relaxed around him with no signs of having been offended by Phoenix at their last appointment.  Today, Phoenix waited patiently in the waiting room for his doctor to see him.  "Ready for Phoenix..."  Phoenix followed his doctor down the hallway and back to his office.  "So how are you doing, Phoenix?"  Phoenix replied quietly that he was doing better and that he needed some more Invega.  His doctor called the nurse so that she could have some ready for him when he got done with the doctor.  Phoenix's doctor asked him about the ECTs, the Invega, the effects of each on him, and how he was getting along with his spouse.  Phoenix admitted that he had been angry with his doctor before Thanksgiving, but that he realized that his doctor had a million patients and may not have gotten the messages.  "Only about 400 patients," his doctor smiled.  Phoenix chuckled and asked if he and his doctor were okay.  "Yes."  Phoenix felt a humongous burden lifted from his heart.  He had been worried about that for two weeks, and it was clearly stated that everything was okay between them.  This was a relief.  "I have spent more time with you than I have with any other patient," his doctor added.  Phoenix was grateful, and told his doctor that he really was the best doctor he could ever have.  His doctor thanked him for the compliment.  "You haven't bought any guns, Phoenix?"  No, Sir.  "And you haven't hurt yourself?"  No, Sir.  Phoenix told his doctor that he took that promise of no self-harm very seriously.  "So, no guns?"  No, Sir.  "How about your spouse?"  Phoenix hesitated, and answered honestly that his spouse had guns.  "In the house?"  Yes.  "Does your spouse keep them loaded?"  No.  "Trigger locks?"  No.  "Where are they?"  In the closet.  "Does your spouse not care about you?"  Phoenix did not have an answer.  "Do I need to send your spouse a note?"  No, Sir.  His doctor was clearly distressed by the news that there were guns in Phoenix's house.  "What kind of guns are they - pistols, rifles, shotguns?"  Rifles.  "Is the ammo separate from the rifles?"  No.  Phoenix's doctor had that worried look on his face.  Phoenix felt the worry in his soul. 
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