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This is one of many interactions where I'm trying to stop cycles of hurt with my kids.
When will we as brothers and sisters in the human race stand up for each other against racism? I believe those of us who are above the "age of majority" have the responsibility to teach those who are younger and to check those who should already know better. I know its easier said than done, I'm living it. We stop the cycles, not someone else.
I found myself in a "teaching moment" in my own home. I pulled the kids together to tell them that there are certain words, terms and phrases that are very hurtful to others. The answer I got back was, "Everyone at school talks that way and uses those words." This must be an area of Absolute Relativism, "whats right for you may not be right for me." Calling someone a N166ER was wrong when I was a kid, and its still wrong today. I don't care if you think its acceptable or not. It may be the number one word to leave alone as far as I'm concerned. It doesn't matter to me how watered down society makes it. These words, terms and phrases that were originally meant to hurt, degrade and generally bring another person/group down are still wrong. They bring up memories of bad times for all, not just the targets of the hate.
On the streets, in the stores, in restaurants, schools, it seems to be everywhere! Still!! Kids are still seeing adults use this language and learning to great each other by using the very words and phrases that would've gotten us a into fights when I was young, and probably still today!
I was asked if I knew what another phrase was. Yes, I know a lot of slang, racial epithets, and so on. Yes, I used them when I was young. Then I grew up. I shut my mouth, opened my eyes and ears a learned that how we look doesn't separate us near as much as how we act and treat each other.
I asked my kids if they noticed that their mom and dad are two different races. Surprise! I asked if they noticed that even when we get upset at each other, we don't throw around those hurtful terms and phrases. Blank looks all around. So, we are trying to break the cycles by living it, not just talking about it.
If we as neighbors want a respectful community, it takes all of us to pitch in. Please treat racism as the cancer it is. Is cancer right for you, and not for me? No.
Comments are welcome. End of rant.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1907631