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I love the movie Wanted with Morgan Freeman, James McAvoy, and Angi Jolie for many reasons
Always enjoyed it's movie, not just because of the surreal action sequences but because of the life message. Simple, yet powerful: Carpe Diem, seize the day, don't spend your entire life being a nobody, really speaks to me now because not happy at my job and my bio clock is starting to click louder..and louder...and still no viable male prospects to spend the rest of my life with. Ho hum.

Would be nice to write a FanFic Sequel to this! Picture Wesley in another country, members of the foreign order contact him, try to bribe/bully him into joining them. Maybe covertly at 1st, appeal to his gentler nature (this man is killing/selling children) but there's some twist where he needs to destroy yet another rogue coven of assassins. Or something like that.

[first lines]
Wesley: [voice-over] It's my anorexic boss' birthday. This means there's a certain amount of inter-office pressure to stand around the conference table, eating crappy food and pretending to worship her. Acting for five minutes like Janice doesn't make all our lives miserable is the hardest work I'll do all day. My job title is account manager. I used to be called an account service representative, but a consultant told us we have to manage our clients, and to not service them. I have a girlfriend who I neither manage or service. That's my best friend Barry fucking her on an Ikea kitchen table I picked up for a really good price. I'm finding it hard to care about anything these days. In fact, the only thing I do care about is the fact that I can't care about anything. Seriously, it worries me. My name is Wesley Gibson. My dad walked out on my mom when I was seven days old. Sometimes I wonder if he ever looked into my baby blue eyes and asked himself "did I just father the most insignificant asshole of the twenty-first century"?

Goin through some 'Daddy issues' right now, so the last part of that really speaks to me....

Wesley: [voice-over] You know there are people, beautiful people, you just wish they could see you in a different setting, a different place. Instead of where you are, what you've become. But most of all, you wish you weren't such a pussy, for wishing for things that'll never change.

Slight crushing right now over someone I'm 90% sure I'll never have, but perhaps I would if I was just a little lot thinner....

Sloan: It's a choice, Wesley, that each of us must face: to remain ordinary, pathetic, beat-down, coasting through a miserable existence, like sheep herded by fate - or you can take control of your own destiny and join us, releasing the caged wolf you have inside. Our purpose is to maintain stability in an unstable world - kill one, save a thousand. Within the fabric of this world, every life hangs by a thread. We are that thread - a fraternity of assassins with the weapons of fate. This is the decision that lies before you now: the sheep, or the wolf. The choice is yours.

Barry: Who's the man?
Wesley: [smashes a computer keyboard on Barry's face with the keys spelling "FUCK YOU" with one of his teeth as the "U" and walks off] I'm the man!

Arguably the best action sequence in the film, ok, not really, but def the funniest! Couple people I wouldn't mind smashing like this....

Wesley: You're not an assassin of fate, Sloan. You're just a thug who can bend bullets.

I'll ignore the borderline racist overtones (why he gotta be a thug? why not just a criminal?) because it's too freakin hilarious...and true!

Sloan: Otherwise, shoot *this* motherfucker and let us take our Fraternity of assassins to heights reserved only for the gods of men! You choose.

Let's be honest, all words after "this motherfucker" just don't even matter, win!

[last lines]
Wesley: Six weeks ago I was ordinary and pathetic. Just like you. Who am I now? An account manager, an assassin, just another tool that was mind fucked into killing his father. I'm all of these, and I'm none of these. Who am I now? This is not me fulfilling my destiny. This is not me falling in my fathers footsteps. This is definitely not me saving the world. ...Wesley: This is me taking control from Sloane, from the fraternity, from Janice from billing reports, from ergonomic keyboards, from cheating girlfriends and sack a shit best friends. This is me taking back control of my life. What the fuck have you done lately?

Good question Wes, lately...not much to speak of....
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