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To be the greatest, to be victorious...
To be the greatest, to be the victorious, to be a legend; is to be you and only you. there must be no

comparisons in your mind or heart amount others. To be different in the out come you will make a big different. In a simple way of saying; your action will stand out even from yourself will asked, "how can this be posible?"
yo, I normally post my rhymes up;

Keep thinking about these copy cats, so... I post up, get a copy rights, letting them know my level too high for them to claim up;

I'm too good, not your average poet, so why get all wire up;

My brain cells past from generation to generation, like my elder all iron up;

More advance body armor, for every souls I process another knowledge fire up;

Ok.. maybe my ego a little too high, alright should I low myself down;

back to your former ground;

Like I was lost than I'm found;

I'm the child of God, gifted without begging in wishes;

I don't asked for much, I think I don't ask enough; I rather catch my own fishes;

reminiscing how great could I be?

if i took all those opportunity?

They say the greatest normally.. don't pop themselves up;

I'm so humble, in the mid of your irrelevant criticism, I brought hell up;

My angles need rest too, and demon need more work also, But I slow both of them down;

For the main while i have better plan for apocalypse; this is the golden ages clown;

Listen it might rain so put your rain coat on; and pay attention to the beautiful sound..
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