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Phoenix deals with neck pain for three weeks not even knowing how he hurt it...
"Mmph.  Urgh...aaaargh.  Ouuuuch!"  Phoenix raised himself up into a sitting position in bed.  His neck was killing him.  Only the right side hurt, though, and this had been going on for three weeks now.  He had no idea how he hurt it or what he might have done to it.  When he was in for his ECT physical last week, he told his doctor about it.  The doctor said it was muscle spasms and prescribed physical therapy and muscle relaxants.  With all of the other medications Phoenix was on, he was quite nervous about taking a muscle relaxant.  He knew that muscle relaxants were central nervous system depressants, and the last thing he needed was a depressant of any kind in his system with what he had going on.  He continued to have his spouse rub Icy-Hot on his neck and take ibuprofen, which helped with the inflammation.  Phoenix was getting used to the smell...  He had to go back to the graduate program in psychology the next week, though, and did not know how tolerant his classmates would be of the smell.  Phoenix knew he did not want anything to do with muscle relaxants, though.  That was for sure.  The side effect profile was terrible.  He would just be careful with his neck and let it heal on its own, if it was going to.  Otherwise, he would have to figure something else out.  Phoenix did know, however, that it was a muscle.  That was of some comfort.  At least he knew what part of his anatomy hurt!
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