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Phoenix has a downturn in his mood and is at the end of his rope...
"You called?"  It was Phoenix's doctor asking on the other end of the phone.  Phoenix asked his doctor how he was doing.  "Okay, thanks.  What's going on with you?"  Phoenix hardly knew where to start, but he explained it as best he could.  It had started Friday afternoon and it was now Monday.  Everything had taken on a monumental sense of importance and Phoenix fell into a deep depression over the whole affair.  He had long, intense crying spells that came out of nowhere at odd times.  He had seriously considered suicide on Saturday and stayed home Sunday because he was afraid he would go out and buy a gun.  Phoenix felt his spouse was not paying much attention to him.  "Well, I think that, when you have a downturn like this, your spouse kind of withdraws.  And that's not necessarily good for you."  Phoenix said that he did not know how the hell to deal with it, so he did not expect his spouse to know how, either.  "Have you been taking your medications, Phoenix?"  Phoenix answered that he had been very good about taking his medicine.  "Well, I think we need to try increasing the antipsychotic.  How much are you on now?"  Phoenix was on three milligrams of Invega per day.  "Can you break them in half?"  Phoenix explained that he could not due to the delivery system.  "Like Concerta.  Okay.  I've never worked with anything smaller than 3mg.  Let me see if we have any 1.5mg pills.  Hang on."  Phoenix prayed that they had some samples.  His doctor came back on the line.  "I'm going to write you a prescription for a private pharmacy and then you'll have to take the receipt to Madonna at the VA.  Do you know her?  Supposedly the VA will pay you your money back if you do that.  We don't have any 1.5mg samples.  I will write you a script for 10 pills, okay?"  Phoenix was nervous about the cost, but agreed.  "Come to the nurse's office to pick up the script.  If you don't feel better tomorrow morning, call us back."  Phoenix thanked his doctor and hung up.

Phoenix's spouse drove him to the clinic.  The new secretary at the front desk had Phoenix use the courtesy phone to dial the 2630 extension to reach the nurse.  Phoenix interpreted this as the secretary being extremely lazy because there was no one else there needing help.  It was the end of the work day.  Phoenix called and had to leave a message.  The nurse was out almost immediately with an envelope that clearly had a pill bottle in it.  "I found a bottle!  This is the last one.  I had it hidden away for you, in fact, but I just could not remember where I had put it!"  Phoenix was relieved.  He could increase his dose that night instead of having to wait and pay a lot of money at a private pharmacy.
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