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Here are some excercises in dialogue
"I know, I know I'm drunk!  What's that?  You don't like to see me like this? I know that too.

"You used to join me, remember?  Aah!  Don't start telling me that was long ago and things have changed, you have changed, not me; not things, you.  Funny, you looked better then. Not prettier, better.

"I'd like to ask what happened, but I know the answer to that, you got religion.  Whad'ya mean don't say it like that? Religion, religion, religion! There!  I've said it a couple or three times, whad'ya gonna do about it? 

"I thought so.  Not a damned thing.

"See this bottle?  This is my god.  Whatever is in here, is in me and that makes it godlike.  I am inundated with spirits. 

"Blaspheme?  OOO! What a big, important word.  I don't have to fear YOUR god, only my own.  I kneel at the altar of my Holy Lord, every day.  Smooth white altar piece filled with holy water waiting to receive my daily tithe.

"I'm still blaspheming huh?  Going to Hell am I?  At least it will be warm.  You know, when I look at you all I see is one frozen waste land.  Hell will be a welcome relief to the barren expanse of your sterile paradise.

"Get that book out of my face.  I don't care if is considered holy by most the world.  I don't consider it a best seller by any means.  I know what a best seller is, I've strived for that for a long, long, long time.  What?  If I could sell as many books as that Bible I'd be rich for sure?  Hot Damn!  Maybe I should write one of my own.

"The Bible According To Me!  What a title!  I can see the reviews now:  Author has a grand overview of current and past matters, etcetera, etcetera.

"I am bowing to you because you have won.  You have beaten me my dear because I am drunk and the spirit is telling me to sleep.  Mine is a raucous, lively god, while yours?  Well, let's just say that yours will never consent to be worshipped on my altar."

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