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My thoughts on why martial arts and self defense are so important in such a violent world.
Never go into a fight thinking you will win because you just might lose.

I don't care how long you train, or how many years you practice martial arts, or how strong you are, we are ALL vulnerable. Whether it's because you are pitted against someone bigger, stronger, and smarter than you or if it's because you come up against someone weaker than you but they have a gun and you don't.

We are ALL vulnerable.

I WISH we lived in a picture perfect world where little girls and little boys, women and men alike could walk down the street at night and not have to worry about getting mugged or raped or taken advantage of. I WISH we lived in that world but we don't! We live in a dark, dank, murky, and disgusting world and when it comes to 'hoping' for world peace we are fighting a losing battle; because where there is good there is always evil. BUT what we can do is be a light unto ourselves AND know how to protect ourselves. Whether it's spiritual evil or physical evil you NEED to know how to protect yourself.

I believe in order to maintain Spiritual strength you must have a strong faith and hearty constitution. Some think it is strength to threaten someone physically if they insult your pride when it fact it is MUCH harder, and therefor requires much more strength, to go "You know what, let's agree to disagree." and walk away. It can feel nearly impossible, when your pride is on the line and you feel taken advantage of, to simply turn the other cheek. I would like to task you the reader with not only turning the other cheek, but to turn your back on those that wish to do you harm and walk away.

Physically we need the strength to give ourselves the best possible advantage.

As a woman I am content in the knowledge that no matter how strong I am physically there are plenty of men out there stronger than me. Does that mean I just stop training and only hope that if I am ever attacked I will come out on top? Do I simply admit defeat and not even try to better myself? No, I keep training for the possibility so if it happens the odds are more in my favor.

You have to accept the possibilities, acknowledge the fear, and move past it.

A friend of mine dislikes fighting because he does not understand why anyone would want to get hit. Newsflash, nobody LIKES getting hit. However, seasoned fighters are comfortable in the knowledge that it will happen. It is better to experience your first punch to the face in a safe and controlled environment than out in the streets.

My dream is to develop a non profit that focuses on youth, especially girls, to provide free and/or discounted martial arts/self defense classes, From K - 12th grade and beyond.
An ideal candidate will be young (elementary school) minority girl that cannot afford Judo* classes.
Through the program students will take 3-5 classes a week from 2nd grade all the way through high school.
This program would also offer academic support and eligibility would be determined on grades. If grades drop, the student will have to complete tutoring, homework, and other academic counseling as necessary 2-3 times a week, before or in place of Judo classes.
The goal is NOT to give up on a child because they begin to struggle. There are economic factors that need to be considered and parents need to be brought on board and counseled as well.

*Judo is just the example because it is an ideal self-defense curriculum for smaller people to take on bigger people
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