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A general, rough plan or account of something that concentrates on the main features.
"Outline to The Heretics

Life Changing Event:


Dramatic Premise:

The three Crises:

100 - Vig. 1 - Don watches the four destroy Ishabals wall and he follows them out of Namorn
200 - Don approaches the four mages and proves his abilities, asks for assistance
300 - Don travels with the group back to winding circle, tells his life story/history
400 - Once at winding circle he is introduced to Lark/Rosethorn, told he must live with his 'teachers' at Daja's house
500 - Don has his first round of lessons with Tris and Briar, discovers he can possibly alter minds/memores
600 - Vig. 4 Don finds Elmura and eases her mind
700 - Some things happen that either a) nearly cost Don his life or b) put him in harms way
800 - The group contemplates that someone may be after Don
900 - They devise a plan to capture Dons pursuer
1000 - Vig. 2 The groups plan works and they capture the queen's spy, Don wipes his memory
1100 - Vig 3 Don has a hard time accepting his new found capabilities
1200 - Don has his first lessons with Sandry and Daja
1300 - Don encounters some temple dedicates and begins to consider how self less a life they lead
1400 - Don receives letters from 'friends' back home, troubling letters that cause him to doubt leaving Namorn
1500 - When the letters don't work, Quen threatens Mai, Don offers to duel him to save her.
1600 - Vig. 5 - Don duels Quen and wins
1700 - Don and the group have a falling out over? Group berating him for not erasing Quens mind more or something else.
1800 - Don leaves Daja's house in anger, goes for a walk to cool off or goes to bed in anger.
1900 - Vig. 6 Ishabal Ladyhammer kidnaps Don and he escapes with the groups aid.
2000 - Don returns to winding circle, obtains his mage credentials and vows to be a temple dedicate.
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