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How I'm feeling this week having just been laid off.
Resurrected from the grave,
my lonely heart you came to save;
though I've known this my life through,
heard it spoke from lips turned blue;
as I grow I'm finding ways,
re-listening to the words you say.

Various meanings, possibilities abound;
reflection, conjecture, educationally sound.
As I think on you today,
I beg you help me find my way.
Now I face another plight,
new decision: fight or flight?

Fight is all I know to do,
incapable though I am, sans you.
If I pause, just stop and stare;
the fear, the worry remains there.
I must not stop, I'll gather speed,
I must push on to further deeds.

You rose today, beat the grave,
never to be a devils slave.
Because You did than so shall I,
not save the world, but kill the lie;
the one that says I'll never make it,
I should lament, lay down and take it.

In the devils face I laugh,
my cup runneth over from God's carafe.
I'm blessed, I'm healthy, I'm happy to boot,
my Faith I'll allow no one to loot.

It is true, I am yet weary;
future prospects lay in theory;
but where there's a will there is also my God,
the One who brings me out, against all odds.

Line count:
32 lines
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March 2013 Prompt
Both Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday are in March this year. If Christ had not been raised from the dead, He could not have gone to Heaven. If He had not gone to Heaven, He could not come again, to take us to heaven with Him. Write a poem on the resurrection.
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