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A letter to all women
Dear Women,

This letter is for all of you.  We don’t care what color you are, what religion you practice, what country you come from, what culture you live in or how old you are.  None of that matters to us.  What we are about to tell you pertains to every one of you.

First, let’s talk about men.  They are irrelevant.  Not because they don’t matter or because they are not important, but because they do not define you.  They may help to enhance who you truly are, but they never define you.  Remember that.  Men are not your problem.  Yes, they have most of the power, and some use it to hold us back, but they inherited that power.  Men do not have power because they are better or smarter, just physically strong enough to take it.  Doesn’t make them bad, just means that they knew what to do with what they had.

Next, let’s talk about women.  You are relevant. You are relevant because you do matter and are important.  You define you.  When mothers and fathers were telling sons that they could be anything that they wanted, they left daughters out.  But you can be anything that you want.  Any power that a woman has, most likely, she earned it because she had to prove herself to get it.  The only thing holding women back is women.

For centuries we have watched as women have taken steps forward, while at the same time taking steps back.  Women fought for employment, for the right to vote and to become equal citizens under the law.  Women fought to have control of their own money, their children, their property and their bodies.  Women fought for their voice, earned the right to speak and fought to stand next to a man and tell him that he was wrong.  Not every place on earth has these rights, but we know you’re working on it. 

Women use their bodies and allow them to be used, fight each other, and fight between racial and ethnic lines.  Women allow a man to come between them and sell their souls for material things.  Women let themselves fall to the side and allow decisions to be made for them that they know are wrong.

Please understand that we are not judging.  Again, we are not judging.  Anyone within hearing distance of our voice must know that we do not care what anyone does to survive in this world.  As a woman, sometimes things must be said and done to ensure that we and ours live.  We only bring to light the things that have made women take steps back instead of forward to emphasize our true message.

Look to your fellow woman and see her.  I know that everyone will not heed our message, but you must not concern yourself with those that will not heed.  You must only concern yourself with you.  Look to your fellow woman and see her.  You do not have to agree with her, but try to understand.  Understand the world that she lives in.  It may seem better, it may seem ideal, but the old saying that you do not know a man’s life until you have walked in his shoes; it works for high heels too.

The only way that we will gain power and prevail is together.  Do not allow one more man to come between you and another woman (that includes the woman that you do not know), do not allow pettiness to hold you back from knowing another woman, do not allow men to use your body and your name without compensation, do not allow yourself to be used or abused by anyone (including women) ever.  Use your voice to speak to injustices against you.  If they don’t like your new voice, than they are not coming with you on this journey.  When we do gain power and we will, they will be brought along, but at a different level to ensure they gain the same knowledge we have already attained. 

There will always be hostility and hurt and arguing and fighting, but in the end, if the above principles are followed, we believe that no more worse will be done than what men have done.  Do not listen to the voices that tell you, you are too emotional.  Just learn how to think with that emotion.  This is not a war, a battle or a fight.  This is taking what is ours and what we know belongs to us.

We have written this letter to all of you to give you some guidance in this world.  Again we are not judging, but we think that some of our sisters have lost their way.  We may not understand the world that you live in today, but we understand why you live the way you do in your world.  This letter is to tell you that you do not have to despair.  We can still see the path that we started for you.  This letter is to help all of you get back on track to your goals, no matter how small or big. 

Please read and re-read our words and spread them. 

We love you all.

Those Who Came Before

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