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Alternate Ending (1,149 words)


         I watch little Sammi and Logan-Marie Greene play together on the playground.  I wish I was nine again.  Sammi and Logan-Marie are twins, but they’re not identical.  Sammi is a brunette and Logan-Marie is a blondie.  They are both in fourth grade.

         I turn my head and look at the soccer field across the path.  I can easily see Hannah Williams and her boyfriend, Alexander McHugh playing short soccer matches together.  Then, across the field from me sits the gorgeous Anita Greene.  She goes to school across town so I don’t see her much. She has red wavy hair that is always perfectly styled and sparkling light brown eyes.  At about 5’5, she is around six inches shorter than me.  Her two younger sisters are Sammi and Logan-Marie.  While I look at my boring deathly short blonde hair and boring brown (I call them poop brown) eyes, I don’t know why I even think about dating her.  We are all about sixteen years of age on this side of the path.

         While I’m in this trance, Sammi happens to run up to me and yell,

         “You’re it!  No tag-backs!”  I smile and start to chase after Logan-Marie who was relaxing on one of the swings.  Once I tag her, I turn around and find Anita smiling at me.  I walk over to a small bench that holds my computer and start to type because I have definitely found inspiration for my new story.  Once I get the introduction done, I walk over to the soccer field to ask if I can join in a game or two. 

         “Uh, hey Alex, hey Hannah…  Can I join in for a game or two?”  I watch them have a mental conversation with each other then Alex turns to me saying,

         “Umm…  How you just go writing your story and, you know, get a life.  You will never be able to play soccer as good as us. We are amazing! You couldn’t even cheer in the sidelines!”  I watch Hannah yell,

         “Alex!  WHAT are you doing?!”  He just gently turns around and replies,

         “I’m taking care of business, sweetie.” Then he turns back to me and starts pushing me towards a mud puddle, “Why did you even think you could play with us?” I just stay silent, “WHY?!”

         “I was just bored… I didn’t--”

         “You didn’t what?  Want to pee your pants, little cry baby!” He then pushes me into the mud puddle and kicks some mud in my face and whispers,

         “Stay away…!”  I nod my head and scramble to my feet wiping mud from my face.  Hannah runs over with her strait blonde hair in her face apologizing and asking if I was okay.  I responded with a subtle ‘It’s okay, I’m okay…”  I then decided to go home early and take a nice, long shower.  It is dinner time by the time I’m done so I eat some mac and cheese (that comes from the box) (I’m only making my own dinner because my parents are out bowling) and go back to the park/soccer field to see if Alex and Hannah are gone.

         They are gone!  I see something (or someone) in the mud puddle so I go to check it out. I wonder if something fell out of my pocket when I fell in. But this here is to big… It looks like someone is sleeping there.  I take a couple steps closer and I’m sure that it’s a person.  I take a couple more steps closer and see blood.  At that I sprint to the body. 

         It seems like there is a footprint on the person’s head.  I cover my mouth before I can scream.  How had no one else noticed?  How could no one notice a dead body?  I take an even closer look at the person to see if I know them.  Short blonde hair, about sixteen years old, brown eyes…  He is me!  That person is me! 

         I run over to the playground to talk to Sammi and Logan-Marie.  I tell them to come over to the mud puddle (and body) to check it out.  Once we get there I ask,

         “What do you see in this mud puddle?”

         “Uh… Mud?” Sammi says with a giggle.

         “What else?”

         “Bugs!”  Logan-Marie smiles and continues to laugh.

         “What else?” I ask again.

         “Is this a trick question?” Sammi starts to question me.  Then I say under my breathe,

         “I think I’ve finally lost it…”

         “Yep!” Little Sammi and Logan-Marie say in unison, “Jinx!”  I watch them run back to the play ground continuing their little game of tag.  I decide to go home before I get into any more trouble.

         Once I get home my parents are home, too.  They ask me how my day was and I just say good even though my day has been quite a weird downer.  I just don’t want to explain what happened to them if I say my day was a downer.

         I choose to take another shower and go to bed.  We are on our summer break at the time so I’m not really worrying about getting enough sleep.

**** The next morning****

         When I wake up my room is normal.  Well, at least I think it is.  I lay in bed thinking of my next story for about a half an hour. 

         When I get out of bed I realize I have stepped in some liquid.  Ugh, some red liquid.  I look around to see a version of me that appears to have fallen off my bed and got a cut and then bled to death on my floor.  I again cover my mouth before I wake the entire neighborhood with my bloodcurdling scream. 

         It seems as if all of these deaths (of me) have been like alternate endings to my life.

         I sprint downstairs and ask my parents if I can go on a walk and they gently say yes not noticing my panic and rush.   

         I sprint as fast as I can through the couple blocks to the park/soccer field.  The body in the mud puddle is gone.  I decide to sprint back by my house and to the mountains (or big hills) that cover the west side of town. 

         I am panting like I just ran a marathon and my eyes are darting around like little butterflies.  I go up the closest hill and see someone that looks like me.  I follow him with great curiosity. 

         I find that we are walking towards a cliff.  When the other me realizes, he just turns around.  Once he is out of sight I go and look down the cliff. 

         Then I realize something deathly, it is my turn to be the alternate ending…


         I close the lid of my computer.  I am done with my story…



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