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I girl who thinks she is not pretty enough
I Can Only Dream (259 words)

         “Why do you look so down?”  My mother asks.

         “Oh it’s nothing…” I reply, knowing that she could  she through my disguise just like it was glass.

         “No, really.”

         “I have just had a bad day…”  I reply almost bitterly.

         “More than a day, I would say.” She looks at me sadly.

         “WHY DO YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS!” My eyes widen as I scream at her.

         “Well, I am your mother.”  She still seems very calm.  I stomp out of the room like a kindergartener that didn’t get to sit in the front at story time.

         I slam the door to my room and repeat to myself in my thoughts, ‘You can’t do this.  Your life is great.  You can’t do this…’

         The noose hidden behind my window curtain glares down at me as if it was being ashamed of me not using it.

         I walk over to my mirror and stare at my brown curls and the makeup on my face.  I only try to be beautiful.  I will never be beautiful or popular.  I can only dream.

         I take the noose from my curtain and start setting it up.

         “Honey?!  Are you okay up there?” My mother yells from downstairs.

         “Yes!” My voice starts to crack up, “I’m fine!”  Tears start to spill down my cheeks.

         “Really?”  I step onto a stool as I hear my mother start to come to my room, “Honey?”  My neck slips into the noose, “Honey?!”  It won’t be so easy next time.  What? “HONEY!?” Life.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1933174