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They left messages some 10,000 years ago. What do they say, today?
Rock writing called petro glyphs dates back about ten thousand years.  In 2013, we feel we have invented communication technology, but in those ancient times—eight thousand years before Christ—it is obvious that ancient man was communicating something.  These symbols were important to him and they survived as we read them today.

What specifically did he write about?  We can definitively say, we have no idea.  We know that he wrote on the south and east side and often on rocks that were hollow on the inside.  It seems like he wanted to be warmed by the radiance of the rock as he went about his activity of writing his thoughts and ideas.  We know that some of the symbols appear Polynesian.  What were they doing here?  We know that there are some of the rocks that had a finger hole bored in it to hold onto the rock.  More recent Indians would do the same thing on their spirit quests to communicate with the Gods, without being taken away from this mortal frame of existence.  This could have been a portal for man’s dimension into another world.

Does man change over time?  Do the things of the universe and the same forces still work on us today?  This is a matter of belief.  I believe the forces remain the same.  Ancient man wrote on stone as a permanent marker.  In some ways, we are more transient today.  Archival computer disks last about fifty years.  The only way we have things last in our society is to write them on the minds and hearts of those we are close to.  No one is alive to tell us what the ancient Indian petro glyphs meant.

We have records of God’s word to us written in the Bible.  It has been reprinted diligently all these years.  The most relevant evidence is written in the hearts and minds of changed people.  People can be pretty tough stuff once it is written there.

Petro glyphs are fascinating in their mystery.  They cannot be interpreted because the ancestors of those who wrote them died off.  What steps keep our culture and beliefs alive?  “Like us” on facebook?  You have got to be kidding.  We are what we think about.  More often, we are what we do.

Will our ancestors remember us?  We will leave little of an archeology record.  What is anyone going to do with the golden arches of MacDonald’s?  Our lives will only be relevant if we love and care for the people of our time.  People are the only things that last beyond us.

We create living monuments.  We need to be careful in our building of people of today.
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