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A poem centered around the world.
I breath in,
And with the air,
A relization hits me,
Like I have been slapped.
My world is crumbling around me,
And with every step I take,
Another person seems to feel pain.
I want it to stop.
I need it to end.
For them.
For everyone.
I see a mom, with her baby,
Tears streaming down her face,
Hands shaking so hard,
I thought the baby would fall.
I hear the baby crying,
And then,
All of the sudden,
The cry stops.
The mom stops,
Then cries hard,
And hugs the baby toward her.
A beggar on the street,
So skinny, he could snap
If you poked him.
He stares at me,
Breaths in,
Then out.
But his breaths
Seem unnatural.
I kneel by him,
Tell him everything's alright,
But he knows it isn't.
He smiles, and said,
"I haven't eaten anything in a week.
Haven't drank in two.
To some, life is treasure.
To others, life is hell.
No one ever looks at me.
Never takes a glance.
God has let me down,
Angels never came.
When I leave,
I will remember you."
He smiles, and his hand goes limp in mine.
One step at I time, I think.
Always breath, remember to blink.
Life is a lie,
The skys never blue.
But I knew the beggar is wrong.
Someone is here for us.
Talking to us.
All we have to do is listen.
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