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Lessons learned from my first flower garden about gardening and life
In our yard of an acre and a quarter, we have numerous wasps.  Coming next to an old dead tree stump can be a painful experience.  They forage on fruit and make little burrows in dead wood of trees.  I am sure our woods have many generations there.

One of the things we don’t see much is bees.  I wondered about that.  Are they outcompeted by our pesky wasps?  My thinking has evolved this last year when I declared a major renewal project on our neglected flowerbeds.  Renewal implies there was something there to begin with, which would not have been the case.  When I finished, I was left with such a tremendous bunch of nothing, I figured I had to go out and buy bedding plants.

My wife and I have had an unwritten agreement that I dig and she plants.  Looking at the results of weed Nirvana, I figured I couldn’t hurt anything.  I planted.  Buying low cost bedding plants, it wasn’t all that expensive.  What did I want?  Generally I wanted something to look nice and be cost effective.  What did she want?  She wanted an herb garden.  I suppose they could look ok.  I plunked them in the ground.  It wasn’t all that hard and voila, instant transformation.

The bees came back.  I hadn’t seen them in quite awhile or perhaps I didn’t look at non-existent flowers.  I watched the bee’s dance in fascination.  We are part of that same dance, but we do have to do something.  The general rule for the world is weeds and chaos.  Look at my back yard.  That is another project.  At least I bought weed killer.

It really is pretty easy.  If you want to have a beautiful world, do something.  Be committed to maintenance.  You will have to pull weeds.  It is a law of life.  In case you haven’t gotten the message between the lines, this has more to do with life than botany.  Create beauty.

Remember that sweet song you sang in your youth.  In your youth you were sure that song was full of goodness and strength.  Why not sing it again?  Songs get better with practice.

Sing life.  Plant beauty.  You know how.  You just haven’t gotten around to it yet.  Your world will be better.  Angels may even help you.  At least, you can count on the bees.

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