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But being real, has it disrespect amount odds of dishonor Mistreated, mislead it to the..
Yo, a lot of young cats I’d listen too;

I was just passing through;

One of the spiritual dude, said I look like a real dude;

And I said I am for real too;

But being real, has it disrespect amount odds of dishonor;

Mistreated, mislead it to the path of discarded;

Left, being push away from fake hearted;

I am regarded;

Parted of the heartless;

The world brought  me to stand with the darkness;

But I rather find my own ways;

I used to prayed, until I  became 15 years of age, because of death I got off this;

I don’t even asked for anything;

The only things I'd asked for is forgiveness;

I hardly gotten to know my Father;

And I hardly bother to asked my Mother;

All I know I have 3 half sisters;

Used to played with them, making a kite the only thing we’ve did together;

Since then, Nothing really matters;

Pictures are deems,  Left them, surely I kind of missed them, I know they’re pretty smarter than I am as Thoughts I’ve gather;

So tell me, what’s more real? my words or my life that already been killed;

what’s more real? the world or the life that already been ill;

The feelings, cold winter always chilling up on the hills;

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