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35 more rhyming couplets of complete and absolute nonsense.

Inkle dinkle twinkletoes.
Where she came from, no-one knows

Grum, of all this stupid stuff,
one collection’s quite enough.

If you start to hesitate,
grab a spoon and bang your plate.

Rumble, rumble in a trance.
Don’t retreat, we must advance.

You will find the answer there,
in a large reclining chair.

If the way ahead looks grim,
blame it all on cousin Jim.

Render unto Caesar yet,
all the winnings of your bet.

I can’t seem to find my feet.
Is there nothing left to eat?

If it seems the way is long,
cheer your comrades with a song.

Those who wish to make their mark,
don’t play polo in the dark.

Tintinabulation comes,
from the bells, not from the drums.

If you wish to be a bride,
have a groom stand by your side.

In the chaos of the night,
don’t pass wind, it isn’t right.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star.
Got run over by a car.

If I give my heart away,
someone else will have to pay.

Other planets, other stars.
Chocolate covered muesli bars.

Parrots, badgers, possums, ‘roos,
all were wearing Jimmy Choos.

Intercept the pirate hoard.
Sack the chairman of the board.

Exercise some caution here,
if you drink the home-brewed beer.

I taut I taw a puddy tat,
playing poker with a rat.

In the forest 'neath the trees,
I thought I heard a chicken sneeze.

In the blazing crimson light,
wake up, or you’ll miss your flight.

Raining, raining all day long,
greet the sunshine with a song.

Beauty’s in the eye they say.
Does ugly make you look away?

Paper hats in Christmas crackers.
I support the Green Bay Packers.

Icing sugar, spread it thick,
on anchovies should do the trick.

Who can say and who can know,
which way tomorrow’s wind will blow?

Down into the depths of hell,
bang the door, don’t ring the bell.

Every man’s a fool at heart.
Don’t upset the apple cart.

Is you is, or is you ain’t?
It needs another coat of paint.

Come with me, my winsome maid.
No cause for you to be afraid.

“Stop the clock,” I shout in vain.
Laughter, tears and cries of pain.

In the midst of all this strife,
I just want a peaceful life.

Pounding down the final straight,
close the door and lock the gate.

Where’d she go, do you suppose?
Inkle dinkle twinkletoes.
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