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Daniellian Philosophy: The truth of the act and art of human telling or talking


Daniellian Philosophy on Telling

Man has an instinct: 'Telling' or talking something on anything and everything. Wisdom identifies wise. Wise is known by his level or volume of wisdom. Wisdom governs telling. Wise knows what is telling. Art and style of telling depends upon one's wisdom.

A real wise uses instinct per his wisdom. Naturally, wise begins the act of telling what deems to be true par excellence. He tells or talks that is true at the time of telling. He talks what is true, and what is absolute and necessary. He tells what is needed, wanted, required, demanded or asked for, or what is rational, logical, justifiable, judicious, ethical or moral.

Man who is not really wise makes mistakes by telling or talking on anything and everything, on or upon absolutely everything, at or for anything or everything, or on, about and concerning anything or everything, and of, on, or about anybody or anyone at any time or any place or anywhere or everywhere.

In general, though man makes mistakes and or commits blunders by telling or talking about or on anyone of any age, at any age, at any period, of or on present or current time or today or at any moment of living, of or about the past, or of or about the future for any action or doing, inaction or undoing, act or action or activity and the like by any other man at any time, anywhere, anyway or anyhow as he likes or wishes, plans or prefers, chooses or desires, thinks or wishes, thinks or intends, thinks or plans.

On the other hand, an unwise person or one who is not deems to be wise or one who is not wise per human intelligence tells or talks anything just for lip or mouth satisfaction or joy of lip, mystic or self-satisfaction, or self-pleasure, or self-joy, or self-happiness, or self-profit, or self-benefit, or self-gain, or the like for any sort of temporary or instant getting, instant or immediate profit, temporary or immediate gain, achievement, or fruition and not for peace of mind or not for long-term natural outcome or not for real joy or not for pleasantness or not for satisfaction for long time or longer period of time.

A true, real or authentic wise person, whether recognised, known, familiar, popular or not in his family, or in the society or in or within his country does not tell or talk everything or absolutely anything or everything and on or upon everyone always unless it is required, needed, demanded, considered or treated absolute, as he knows the art of telling or talking the right words to the right person, at right time, in a right manner, in right place, in right order and in right perspective for he is not selfish, and he does not tell or talk only for mere or just lip service or satisfaction, mystic or self-satisfaction, he tells or talks for the community, society, nation, land or people, and per excellence, he never tells or talks for instant or immediate gain, profit, result or outcome

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