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chapter 1 Hello, Marry
As my story does not contain a chronology I'll start from the moment called now . He does not have any date of the year is not only possible indication of the time of year and the calculus in the weeks and months of life events.

It's a complicated girl in her life constantly have space problems and issues that she often make up one's mind and creates adventure, she finds skillfully on all parts of his body. It is not an earthly creature - in terms of the mental component. She does not find understanding of his "I " with the world. If it were possible , it would have made ​​a film about life. And when I say that it would remove a movie, you can safely mention of her love for the film industry. She is so obsessed with fabrications and fantasies that her entire life in her eyes like a long movie film , where she was awarded the honor of playing a major role. One problem - no one sees the tears Merry about that life does not consist of doubles , and can not be beautiful or clever to fall to make a mistake as a result of events came Happy is ending. She has a blog which is divided into chapters , which again speaks of this madness on the novels , movies, scripts, and other things the art world, which has enslaved the creation of a young girl . Merry now 21-22 years old , but from an early age she felt older, both externally and mentally. Gifted person , she draws well and not bad thinks. But just as she is a big lazy , why not a bit secret and openly puts on a show. Although in their own thoughts reproaches himself for it , and sometimes plays the role of a diligent and hard working housewife or a workaholic person . It is not constant and not emotionally stable. These days, at the point from which I start the story , I can say that it is almost happy , but do people with brains Merry capable of peaceful existence , not so kind . Having a guy, and strong feelings for him , it can create difficulties of detail. Thanks to his innate habit, so to speak seduce and flirt , her life is always full of temptation. Yet the way the character of my friend from the pages of the e-dairy, it skvernoslovna rude and sometimes , though not always so stale , it is full of sarcasm and love sarcastic , but maybe it's you and you will see over time .

She's a great guy who works in the mines . She betrayed him waiting , they seem to love each other and dream of a future together (although she is not always in the confidence and the problem is not a lack of confidence in him , she just does not know what he wants ) . He needed to leave in search of gold. This is not an easy job , and Merry loved him even more for this sacrifice (but in my opinion the victim was not there obsolyutno no , because he did the same for his personal existence !) .
According to his departure ( and left it for 4-5 months) , she got to the desk in his small town, where she worked as a secretary (or gofer ) . Her boss was not bad, a very nice man , a little more than 30 , he had a family , his wife, his actions led accounting firms and two children , a son and a daughter. It worked 5 people , including our Merry - Fill up this man's rabble with his presence and a touch of sophistication. With its appearance - in the air was flirting soar , despite the fact that all men are in this room were either banded or consisted of a long relationship , not having a stamp in the passport. And so the days passed by day , with light banter and supposedly unobtrusive compliments to our heroine. With its appearance all become a little obsessed with the thought constantly weigh the controversial comments against her , including personal data, are related to the lack of a Man and abstinence .
Marry , well, she willingly participated in this flirting, she liked the attention , and in spite of their decency (as outsiders doubted I think) she liked to pick up at times far from decent theme. She liked to see the desire in men's eyes. She always wanted to , just as intrusive thoughts sink in man's consciousness , but alas, asking her for what she did , she could not give you an answer b . She wanted to be cherished by all at once, passers-by and friends , she was flattered by the views on the streets of the city , the admiration of its outstanding views of men and women. By the way , it is not quite ugly , the correct shape of the face , beautiful eyes and not very big but beautiful lips , neat nose, despite the fact that her blood was flowing more than one national commitment to change its shape. Her hair , well at my description , they were not much longer than the line of the shoulders . The hair of the girl talked about the many facets of her character . Of immediacy to the whimsical . She obstrigla them last summer ( in secret because of the painful breakup with a guy , she needed a new impetus and a new breath of emotions) , that is, around August , but at the moment on the street was October, which handed over the rights to the warmth and already Start climbing the body of passers- by frost to the bones . So, under a layer of paint had hair the color of cold chestnut.
At this point, she was sitting in the office with a raven , a denim shirt and plaid leggings , and anything typed on a computer monitor. Her figure - not quite ugly , is far from ideal - but only in her fevered brain of a perversion of the concept of beauty ( as is the story of the secret life she has been committed to Marry disease bulimia nervosa and anorexic , with which she is eternally fought and often did just the kind that fights ) . Long legs , a pronounced waist , lush and beautiful breasts , the roundness of the hips could not be checked, beautiful buttocks , calves and inflated , over which she spent reinforced the Reformation in the gym. Merry ...
Oh yes , this girl was strange , she knew it and she knew more than that she is loved in himself , and she liked it , for the most part , except for those moments when her head master the emotions and thoughts that made her do many rash actions , from which her conscience tearing apart from the inside . Her passion they were heels, and not so long dresses that you understand and was a weapon for the coveted views. Why ? ? The question that did not leave the mouth of her mother and father , and the people around her . But she did not know she liked what she saw in the reflection, she liked to understand that any man she will be an excellent game , that she's smart and gifted and ugly appearance. I hope that these lines are not read by children under 18 years of age. But she liked to think and know how from her go crazy sexually. Prior to the appearance of her life , Gregor , she met more than a dozen men who have made contributions to the development of their self-confidence, it's very delicious and excellent in craftsmanship kiss and sex ( although she is in the sex was not nearly as good as it seemed to be be , as I can not judge because I do not objective judge ) . She loved to try new things for her - but not reaching the brink of madness , although it was somewhat extravagant. Sex at home and in bed was passionate and pleasant, but nothing so exciting as extreme and kind of awkward . Parks , entrances , people's apartments , at a party in the room where you are not alone in the transport, it was all that so passionately granted the brightness of her life experiences. Perhaps reading these lines on my character will form the impression with the label " slut " , but I as a lawyer of this miserable body paper world , I can say a few words in its defense.
Imagine that you go into a crowd of beautiful and luxurious 100 girls - but their eyes are fixed on you , full of envy and admiration, and the men passing by give their eyes and smiles only your person , presenting their admiration for phrases dishes desires to your feet. Do not you would not be nice to feel that you are standing on the heels subservient to the whole world ? I think that the girl said at the moment "no," just slukavili , or have already found their family happiness citadel , where just afraid of losing her lover under the spell of such a person. Do not worry - she was very afraid of that, too .
So it was that in 2 months of work in the office Mak'Neltosa , Merry has got an interesting position in this man's bed " zhenatikov " (sorry for the not so literary writing ) . During her work took two employees and their number in the office has become less social circle has become tighter. Closer and closer communication has become self- reliant in this place. More freedom in flirting, more impressively .
One day, one important cause Anthony , an employee of the firm and partially occupying the post of General Counsel and Deputy Director , forgetting the documents in the office - asked them to have a Merry interview on the spot . Merry was happy to get out of the room and walk a couple of blocks breathing morning fresh autumn air , which smelled of fallen leaves and humus. Dampness and accompanied by dense fog this October , enveloping the street in a strange and genuine romantic state. Merry loved gloom weather and did not know how early it appeared addicted to the shade of gray mood , smoky fog and damp London .
Arriving at the venue before the appointed time, the girl was standing on the street in front of the clouds blowing warm air into the frosty air ocean . Made their way through the fog occasionally lonely and weak rays of sun , which is not heated , but was filled with the warmth of the soul and not a fake baby joy. There was a creak of the main gate to the building and a car drove Anthony . Speaking of the building. The meeting was held at FrostHaus that in a short time managed to make much noise in prints its not exactly a good biography. With the Mak'Neltosa office , they wanted to refute all the allegations against him and dispel ridiculous myths about the quality of their service . The car signaled and pulled out of the misty silhouette Merry Ocean , the Gulf of her warm light yellow headlights transport.
Anthony came out of the car and smiled at once invited her to follow him with a nod . Merry did not count on more initially Anthony wariness of all , it seemed to her took her . He was not the most talkative with her long period of time , and only after a long period of time, he began to show her a few different policy behavior. Stepping behind him, she listened to what she would have to be present at the interview with him and for him to outline all the information she hears after arriving on the job and reprint information for him in the form of electronic documents .
Going into the room they were met by the director with his secretary , who looked a little hard of exposition of his ideas at first glance. His face was neither the interest nor the courtesy. It was not exactly no information as in a blank sheet of paper , although he would have given you more emotion than a man in a black suit standing in front of Merry . They went into the office - the office of the form , a table and a few chairs for the so -called guests.
- We'll have to wait a few more employees of this hotel - said the man in a suit , offering a gesture to sit down and Anthony Merry .
Anthony pulled a chair girl and himself comfortably on the four-legged seat . The director apologized retired from the office with his tail, or more precisely the shadow secretary , who was even less informative than his master . Merry silently looked around the room until you turned my head and saw on Anthony 's gaze .
- Something's wrong - she nervously ran a hand through his hair.
- No, where did you get - and has played on his lips a smile - I just looked at your side , nothing more.
She smiled shyly .
- Do not you cold? May ask to bring coffee? - After a brief pause, said Anthony .
- No, thanks , I'm fine - a little more relaxed Merry said . Something was strange in his behavior , and she could not figure out what. He kept glancing at her, and asked strange questions that she felt funny and not clever . No, she did not blush and did not show this kind , but I could not understand what was happening until it happened next .
- I 'll be right back , - said Anthony , stood up from his chair and headed for the door , passing he put his hand on her letcho - Do not be bored here , if something should just ask the receptionist at the reception.
It was only then she realized that it was not in his usual manner, and because of its embarrassing. It was Anthony's attention to her, she never has never won at the office, a response to her flirting and joking . You say that this is not what any attention, but believe me it was not a stupid girl and knew how to distinguish between flirting men, their attention and interest in her figure. And this man was no exception , her face flashed a smile , and a bright flash of color cell with the name Anthony in which uncertain but clearly draw the check mark . Oh , Merry , this girl was a sapper in the minefield of men, but rather to avoid them - it is specifically come across them and dagger victims of their society. I just want to tell you a story and you have every right not to trust me at the moment about her theories and assumptions. So I just continue my story . After a few minutes of solitude he heard footsteps in the hallway and Merry sat quietly , lay in her lap pad for notes. Laugh and the clicking of heels approaching and that the study included a group of people , among whom was the director with his henchman , a woman in a suit hotel receptionist and two men who in appearance was difficult to characterize the job positions. For the rest of the crowd followed Anthony - and that was the cause of laughter, he said something to people, but only once on the door of the room - just gave a smile and some soft and warm look Merry . Coquetry back to her , and now she knew that this area is also subject to flirt and free communication , and she shot back a smile like that you meet important people in the back. The same can not be said that Merry was not really so gipperbalizirovanno professional seducer , the fact that she has always been some communication soft affectation , it was not hypocrisy , but it was something like acting. She just spoke openly , sincerely smile , likable man and became in the eyes of the interlocutor illustration dreams.
To be continue ...
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