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to be continue chapter 1 Merry
As you can guess the interview went on as planned with a few pereglyadyvaniyami between Merry and Anthony . But for the most part it worked - she wrote , and, at times interrupted by the debate which sometimes could get a word - the very endeared himself to the audience. Speaking of those present, was among the men who could not look guaranteed to pass your position in this hotel, a man 45-50 years old . He too clever at the time of the conversation and off-topic comments are inserted , making the negotiations very difficult for Merry . It annoyed her that he could not formulate the problem as necessary , from which she occasionally returned to the mainstream of all subjects and corrected and interrupt him . He immediately took a dislike to her over the audacity , seeing it as a simple girl laughing pepper emu.No as has been said Merry had some unique creation, after a lot of words spoken to her on the subject, he could no longer resist the common sense , and after she made ​​out his kidneys in the documents - referred to them , it was simply unearthly creature in his eyes.
- Oh, God, she's a miracle , my wife for 20 years of marriage, and has not learned how to disassemble my doctor's handwriting , and here ! - And he looked admiringly Merry look.
Negotiations were longer than hoped Merry , and by the time it was over , she felt that the dinner has long had to visit her stomach ( though not for long). Coming out of the office, she turned around in search of Anthony , but was called and talked with the director . She just threw her out of the artificial fur vest and headed for the exit. Already standing at the door , she wanted to Anthony stopped her and offered to drop off the job, but he was not in a hurry to leave this "palace" .
I will allow myself to dot the "i" in your mind. The fact that Anthony Merry having admitted to his closer and stopped close, not meant absolutely nothing to her . Perhaps you 've added to her already forks , rock and spiky tail, but Merry was not so simple and elementary one-sided as you seem at first very vzglyad.Ona waited Gregory. Very missed him and their insatiable night in his run-down , he rented a house in the suburbs with her mother, whom she could not love and understand. She was a strange woman , silent and lived most for myself at times she helped her son, but certainly not material . She was divorced from her husband , Gregory explained that the phrase " They are just very different and complex in nature ." Merry 's ears is to misconstrue the words - "My mom and dad just a fig proud, and dovypendrivovavshis broke each other's lives " ( though I will try to use less of battle , because thoughts are very soft veiling on lines of the paragraph .) I think we'll come back as something to the theme of perception mother Gregory Merry , but now it is not up to it .
Merry really missed him , Gregory. A man who brazenly bizarre and remained in her life for a longer period of time than she expected - or rather did not expect at all. His rare messages and phone calls drove her crazy , no communication with him was injected it into a depression. Maybe like in my mind you have a thought that kind of nonsense . How can you love someone and have some fun to the left and to the right with all the men ? One more question and the topic for which it tchetno castigated herself but she could not help it. If you had deprived it of the possibility of flirting and attention from men - you would have lost Merry . In her life, there were times when she did not receive these gifts of fate, and then she began to engage in soul-searching , she was not interested in getting anything and everything to replace the heels came running shoes and jeans for a couple of sizes too big herself, droopy sweater , a minimum of makeup and constant music melanholika.No even in this form , you will not believe me but it paid attention . she also paid compliments , it felt that energy and charisma seksualnosti.Poetomu will not judge her for the surplus sensibility - and perhaps not a healthy perception of the world . Just try to take it as a fact that she loved Gregory, and truly waiting for him, while not letting myself out of shape . She spoke this phrase too often , friends and acquaintances. Flirtation and coquetry Merry perceived as exercise To keep in shape in the art of being a vamp .
On the same day he called Gregory, and Merry hanging for about an hour on the phone with him cooing voice, love the girls . Gregory was a strange and unusual guy. With no star looks, he was a very charismatic . He had been rude and sometimes peg into contact with her, but never ashamed of the first to make concessions and reconciliation, but certainly not always. And then , just when he playfully pushed her by the neck and pulled up to her to steal her resentful kiss, she just could not hold back the passion and a smile. She liked it a lot. Care, attention , they often make up one's mind that it is unnecessary , and he was always looking for a refutation of their own nadumok . And he just kept calling her to write and speak the words of the women whose heart skip a beat from the novel , but the heart Merry , not from the opera . It used to be touched by seeing and hearing these phrases , it was nice, but on the mind , she could not miss this word ... it kind of believed him , and tried to take it and even took heart when she heard it , as he hugged her , but at a distance , and after a minute of silence rings in the on-hook after the end of the conversation , everyone returned to their seats. She felt alone again , and again began to forget how he sounded , ceasing to believe how sincere those words were spoken , and if they were real .
So passed another day in October . And behind him a few more not less monotonous office routine. She still flirted and joked with colleagues, they started up stories about her and often teased her vpechatlitelnostyu.Posle that he left the first employee - a freelance designer Peter securities , Anthony became Bole opened in contact with Merry . Maybe it was caused by the habit. I do not know , I knew only that he was making fun of her, flirt , but more alone - it was not a physical flirting, no one even touched each other while passing along the corridor to the machine with coffee, but convergence was palpable . His notice everything, because at the appearance of the people own jokes and themes for conversation , it becomes clear that personal communication is taking place.
Once Anthony had to be early in the morning to arrive at a single company , with offices located in the neighborhood where she lived with her family Merry . On the eve of the evening sitting in the office , Nicholas Mak'Neltos vpriemnuyu out there and catching Anthony , Andrew , and Merry Trevosa loudly .
- Merry , here we thought and decided that Anthony tarry with you today !
- However, why suddenly such a luxury ? - Merry said, smiling folding paper on the table.
- Since early tomorrow he needs to be in your quarter and avoid traffic jams and punctuality , it is best that he spent the night with you - continuing with fake seriousness, said Nicholas .
- Yes, yes, exactly Anthony agree! - Shouted Trevos , in whose veins flowed the blood of the Caucasian hot . - She's got a new repair.
The company burst into laughter.
- I see Trevos already aware of the many aspects of his personal life Merry - prariroval Anthony .
- Yes, true, I have a new and beautiful renovation . Room in monochrome style , large bed - round - two by two meters - Merry purred .
- That is lying in it we meet ? - With mock exasperation said Anthony .
- This is what I and tended ! - Slammed the cabinet table Merry stammered , smiling slightly opening the upper gum. - But I swear I have a very good and comfortable !
All roared with laughter , and only seconds later, she realized how it looked from the outside. The feeling that she was indeed offered Anthony spend the night at her, as if to advertise their apartment , what was not and notes and truth. When connected to a joke Nicklaus , it just re-entered into the role and spoke without thinking that on the thumb of her characteristic traits looked flirtation.
- Thank you, but I think the wife does not understand me - Anthony said his breath .
- As you wish , my job is to offer - Merry maliciously inserted .
Still just smiled at each other and shook hands goodbye and headed for his own business. Merry still occasionally catching myself laughing at the views of Andrew, the genius of local law, continued to clean up the desktop , and meets an innocent smile .
So the days passed in a hilarious jokes and provocations from which Merry was glad vostorge.Ona calls Gregory, he was the central station expectations of her mind, but she continued to ride a ride to flirt with co-workers.
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