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chapter 2 again and again
Mainly worked Merry not much, for the most part she fumbled with the papers did not last long , the coffee served rare, and therefore some free time helping employees either voluntarily or at the request . Sometimes, in the days of X is just another drawing or reading a novel. With Gregory she talked to last Friday , which is very worried about her . She was able to come up with the very history from which the skin was cold. Sitting in the transport or just for old computer monitor , she represented the falls and accidents , the whole team when the miners died from unforeseen disasters , which was represented in the mourning she will and who will comfort her . She could develop the story in my mind for so many real that at times her eyes are tears , and she was ready to burst into tears , when suddenly came the enlightenment and she knew that it just her imagination, and she wiped her eyes , and for a while just came to himself . Oddly , knowing that this is causing her pain and discomfort , she continued to paint pictures in my head , as Gregory gets stuck between the stones , as he suffers and her heart was breaking from the realization that she can not help it. The most horrible was the idea that he would be crippled and she will live with him. No she was not selfish , and feelings for him were not fiction, but it is most afraid of in life and did not like the physical infirmity . She did not like to be weak, did not like to be helpless and loved Gregory for the fact that he, too, was a strong spirit . So the days passed without his calls and voice, she spent earned cents on the pay phone rang in his office located thousands of miles away , he listened to her and the woman's voice from recordings , informs her of the absence of communication , and nervous huskiness breaks off the line.
But back to work. Here again, Anthony was scheduled hike to the hotel FrostHaus , and Merry was invited again to face them as outlines . Early in the morning, she was walking around the city in the direction of a large Gothic FrostHausa , so reminiscent of the iceberg of concrete, surrounded by haze. The sun's rays are not made ​​their way through the veil of fog enveloping the city , the birds were silent. The city slowly waking up and turning on the headphones the next track , Merry chop rhythm heels walking on the cobbled street. She was dressed in a coral sweater with a high neck - turtleneck and jeans rich dark blue shoes heels , and all the same familiar vest .
- Hello , - coming to the hotel said into the telephone Merry - Nicholas, please tell me no Anthony , yes , I write . Yeah , yeah ... yeah ... yeah ... oh-five ... thank you , see you at work. Goodbye.
Standing at the gate Merry thinking about the upcoming day and the ensuing week . thought about shopping and buying winter clothes. so imperceptibly flown 15 minutes. The meeting was scheduled for 10 am, and until it remained a matter of minutes, and Anthony was still not in sight. Then she picked up the phone and a piece of paper on which was written his phone and began to dial slowly , carefully pulling back the time , so as not to call him . But a minute later it still was not even a minute , tire noise , but there is a host went away. He almost hit the girl, but did not even stop and did not look at her passing by . Had she got it wrong , it can not come at the time and the meeting has ended, and she messed up the days of the week ? Then, in a nervous state she pressed the call button and the hidden has come to expect when you hear the opposite end of a familiar voice .
- Hello ! ? - Anthony was clearly than that busy because his voice was inaudible , and some confused - say!
- Anthony is Merry ..
- Oh! Merry ! Well hello , his voice clearly and warmer.
- I just wanted to know where you are and whether I understood correctly , the meeting scheduled for 10 ?
- Yes, I'm already on the road but got up in a traffic jam on the main street , I think in 5-10 minutes until budu.Mozhesh go inside and wait for me there for a while .
- No, thank you , better get some air , the more that I do not quite understand why I have you at these meetings , you and he have time to write everything perfectly .
- Well ... Let's assume that for authenticity and an outsider's perspective on what is happening . So to say the information from the horse's mouth for newspapers ! - It is now presented as a sly smile began to play on his lips.
- Well, of course, as I just did not guessed , and then I thought ! Okay, I will just sit back and clap eyelashes , creating a favorable impression of you as a boss.
- Agreed! Okay, wait and do not bother me , I'm still driving! Soon I will !
- Ok ! - And she pressed the button fast retreat.
Merry stood and flipped through the messages in your phone, again and again, re-reading the messages from her lover trying to recreate the memory of his voice and the lips , hands, and eyes, but all she could remember it fragments of phrases , with a distorted voice and a vague outline of his figure . At times it seemed that it was not at all in her life and she had just invented , it was a dream that just like deja vu sometimes bursts into her life .
There was a sound of an engine and a dense haze of fog appeared a silver car . He drove slowly next to the window and shining smile Anthony - a gesture that showed her pass into the yard while he parks the car . Merry entered the open with senile creaking gate and followed the Parks mashinoy.On out of the car and took my papers and keys passed to Marry .
- Please - and the man gave elegantly Merry opportunity to take his arm.
- Really? - Willfully surprised she took up the proposed elbow and they went to the entrance.
In conversation the two men had been erased many beyond formal communication. Taboo was not, as there was no embarrassment of incriminating questions . Upon entry Anthony was reported hostesses, the director retired and will return no earlier than half an hour.
- Good, that for the audacity to make an appointment and did not attend her ? - Anthony was outraged and went to the door.
- We are what we leave ? And do not wait for his return ? - catching Anthony said Merry .
Anthony was high, two meters tall, and so it looked menacing steps to Marry with her ​​royal growth (which is 164 )
alarmingly huge.
- No, of course - once outside said Anthony - I just need some coffee.
They went to the cafe across the road from the hotel.
- Are not you hungry ?
- No thank you, but from the hot would not have refused .
- Well , I also need this drug called caffeine.
As much as it may sound but this morning at Anthony's is not evil in one of the closest establishments did not have coffee in one because of his absence , others simply were closed.
- Well then I 'll drink tea - purred Merry peering over the counter ( this girl was obsessed with the addition of teas , most beloved swipes for she had tea with blueberries and blackberries ) . - Will you be so ?
- No, I 'll just be black. And stop trying to unzip my bag , pretending that she had forgotten purse . I'm buying.
- Mmmm ... well, okay . Perhaps let you do it - and she showed him the jammed zipper on the bag - She plays up to you , you're lucky .
Merry did not like paying for it when the din of her ex-boyfriends , her first love Sylvester , for life stole her desire to be someone , something should and must . Including both financially and physically and mentally. Therefore pay for itself was its own credo in life.
Taking drinks they went to the table a drowning man in the bushes. It was located near the second of the same small table at which sat three men and something were talking loudly until they saw the guides Merry to the table with a cup of tea. She smiled and was fresh as a morning in May. Played a blush on her cheeks , a smile on her lips and she talked about something fun with Anthony , just barely rewarded his men radiant look. Needless to say that sitting at the next table with a company of men Merry and then catching himself on the views of interested . Heading in a cafe napkins, she clearly felt three pairs of eyes on his back (or more precisely below) . Anthony did not look back , and it is also well known. When he returned she was still on the unseen sights requiring her attention views.
To be continue ...
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