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Chapter 5 It is a return again...
I apologize to the reader , if there is one in this world and he is not tired of being tormented soul dual Merry with her ​​depraved desires and aspirations to be someone's hero of the novel, to go through life laughing and not looking back for a second without thinking head, and relying only on their emotions. I'll skip the description of her weekends and nights when she was in a state of utter frustration and dissatisfaction days when she is in a state of depression scurried around the house from side to side , eating out of the refrigerator stocks and buying new joy of life , chocolate and other inedible stuff that people with carved figure afford once in a hundred years. But Merry approaches everything with his own understanding , and as has been said previously dumped ballast by means of their disease , which in those days was not planning to fight completely . Therefore, foods eaten just as easily dropped within a few minutes of privacy in the restroom . But it's still not what I want to keep ( dear reader, if you are under 18 , but even if there is, I want to say in advance that do not approve Merry addiction to bulimia and anorexia , although these funds maintain physical grace and known since the days of ancient Greece they were not encouraged by anyone , and kept women in a very big secret. and not because it's something supernatural, not just people suffering from such things is very shy about it . and beg you not to try and experiment with it as being a third-party observer can tell you that this is a trap and a vicious ambush from which escape is not easy and sometimes only possible by means of death ) .
So I will continue with the time called yesterday. Returning to work Merry felt somewhat better. But only in the moral sense , and not in the physical. The temperature and headache strangely did not match the weather outside . Outside, all came to life in some unknown nature of heat desired . And sitting on the workplace and not able to concentrate , Merry gaining the same word from time to time making it an error.
But that's behind the voice , so familiar and already managed to become mother :
- Well halyavschitsy ! ? - smiling his strange sly smile said Anthony .
- What? - Looking up helplessly said Merry , and despite the headache smiled tenderly as possible .
- How could you doing ?
- I'm sorry I can not even say , good or bad. I have so split head - and she leaned back in his chair looking at his brown eyes.
- Poor thing - their communication was somewhat awkward , as Andrew 's office , the door was opened , and he often taking his eyes from the papers looked at them. - If you feel better , I also have it all day like a lead .
Anthony reached into his pocket and pulled out a yellow plate with pills from the head.
- Have a drink - feel better.
Merry grateful to take a pill and went to the cooler to get some water . Anthony took his job and began to disassemble the paper. Merry temperatures, and she joked that she lights up and she urgently needs a firefighter who would put out this ogon.Ves team despite the malaise girls began to pursue the matter by the end of the conversation , Merry was already exhausted laugh . Anthony has carved out a moment , walked over to her and offered another drug that he says treats the best on the planet. Merry awaited with some apprehension and curiosity , that it will provide a means for Anthony , and now , on her table was a package with a variety of sweets. She's like a wee clapped her hands , and realized how much she baby in his strange and uncharted soul.
Anthony was happy her smile and returned to work. Merry was unbearably hot, and he remembered that she had to have a T-shirt - decided to change clothes in the ladies' room, politely refusing to face it from the proposed T-shirts Anthony . Changing clothes she thought that the staff and the room is not large, how long they can not pretend to be ? Or is it already happened, because her mother says that Merry of those people that like an open book , take and read . Disguised Merry returned to her place and decided to take a nap while Nicholas was not in place . Andrew asked her to go up to the attic, where there was a rest room for staff and lie down for a while on the couch. A little posoprotivlyatsya she still lost ground in the stubbornness and headed to the top. It is not possible to believe but she could not lie down quietly , realizing the absurdity of his desire and whim , I wanted to Anthony went to her and just hugged her and kissed her with more passion , more showing greed and lust in her tenderness. But he did not come , and she understood that this is a reasonable explanation. So lying down and thinking how things might have to be , the temperature has covered her fantasy backstop myslit.Ona ability to fall asleep and woke up only after half an hour of the phone vibrates . Looking at the monitor , she saw photos of Gregory, standing under a spetsobmundirovanii . He smiled at her with a photo and a wave of warm feelings of tenderness and ran over her body . Citing his disheveled appearance in order , Merry went downstairs. Once she just sit down at the table as the phone shook in the next fit of vibration on the phone screen lights up a room and Gregory Merry without hesitation answered his call. They talked enough time and forget for a while about Anthony , she realized how badly misses him , as it is not enough now with her. How she loves him and she wants to see him in the future. Gregory insisted to take time off from work and go home - treated. But Merry understand that she is better and the meaning of shirk work was not. When you finish talking Merry went outside and walked to a nearby stall for their favorite coffee with cream , while capturing the chips with cheese. Cheese - another passion Merry 's probably why since childhood, she has loved Mickey Mouse, and with it the Walt Disney and the dream of becoming a cartoonist . Back at the office , Anthony was no longer in place. And Merry even more firmly established in the decision that she still loves Gregory and her emotional breakdowns nothing but boredom and the lack of his attention.

The working day was going to end, and standing in front of a mirror , Merry was playing with her hair and making faces at her reflection . Andrew sat in his office , just behind the wall. How to Marry suddenly approached Anthony and put a finger to his lips uttered silent " Hush - a -c ... " . Then he pulled her by the waist , and Merry went limp in his arms , he passionately stared at her lips arousing her body and fantasy. She did not pull away from this slough , and did not want to admit it to lose . He pulled away from her and again as if not trusting said this silent warning. Merry only outraged eyes widened and went to his workplace. Anthony again knocked her out of the world to itself , but this time it did not seem so terrible , the conscience is no longer required to guilt awakened in her heart and Merry quietly and happily continued to sit on his desk. Yes, yes it is on the table, his legs crossed and looking at passers-by in the window. Andrew went out for a smoke , and at the request of Merry transferred to anyone not raised until she change clothes jacket . Nicholas did not come to the office. Trevos and Anthony stood at the bottom of the stairwell and discussed some event in the world of jurisprudence. But Merry pulled off her jacket as she heard the voice of Andrew at the bottom .
- Do not go there, there Merry dresses .
- So all the more necessary to rise - teasing shouted Anthony walking up the stairs .
- Yes, I'm serious! She asked . - Shockingly said Andrew .
- I'm already dressed, everything is fine. - Standing in the sports top , Merry shouted down .
She waited a head when Anthony appeared above the railing and began to put on a sweater, and he saw her body. At this very moment, Anthony grew again in front of her . Once again, tore off her lips kiss. After studying languages ​​gums and palate of each other they stopped and Merry said breathlessly .
- Do not you ashamed provocateur ?
- Me? No! And you ?
- I warned poshlyachka I , I - can ! - Weightless , but with confidence Merry argued .
Anthony laughed hollowly and sat down at his workplace . The girl was ready to go home , but her thoughts revolved around these ill-fated kiss , which she wanted more , more and more ...
- I'm home - looking into his office and said Merry stepped hesitantly toward Anthony .
- That umnichka , go - have a rest . I also inspection of paper and go to her son and his wife - Anthony quipped .
It's not a bit hooked Merry and not even hurt , but a feeling akin to the feeling of possessiveness has played its role and leaned it dug into his mouth. Abruptly broke off the kiss she headed for the door, but stopped in the doorway and turned around said with a smile .
- Shave .
Anthony ran his hand over the two-day stubble and rolling his eyes in affectation perturbation still nodded head in humility her whim.
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